Last Monday we arrived in Barcelona after missing our flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona. We are loaded with bags packed with goodies for the show in Nantes, France. I would not know what it was like to travel lightly!

We have an apartment right in the center of the city just off La Rambla, with really easy access to everything. Our first walk through town was through the local market. What a feast for the eyes! Every fresh product you can image. The seafood is fabulous as well as the fruit and vegetables. We are planning to scour these markets for a picnic in the park later this week.

The architecture is unbelievable. The mix of gothic and contemporary art surrounds you from every corner of the city.

Antoni Gaudi’s cathedral, Sagrada Familia is an amazing structure. The contrast between the stone and stain glass windows was breath taking. This structure began at the height of Modernism and is still in progress a century later.
Gaudi’s La Pedrera an amazing apartment block with curving facade, bizarre rooftop, wrought iron balconies and ceramic mosaics decorating the entrance halls was a fabulous structure to visit.
Dad, Wendy, Cathy, Kelly and I have soaked up many local pubs and eating houses. Having acquired a real taste for local food and wine.
More to follow from Barcelona

7 Responses to “Barcelona”

  1. Rita Vermeersch says:

    Dear Sue, I hope you enjoyed your visit to Barcelona. I'm sure you find inspiration for your artwork.
    Many regards from the canary Islands

  2. Maggey and Jim says:

    Thanks for the great pictures.. Loved seeing all the churches and the produce is gorgeous..

  3. not so zen -quilts in Paris says:

    hope to see you in Nantes, but the cloud might cause you some troubles! Safe trip, Will V in Paris

  4. K says:

    But which one are you??

  5. Nancy in MT says:

    Sue, I'm enjoying the pictures so much.

  6. Red says:

    Wonderful to see you all "in your cups"! On to Paris!

  7. bjk says:

    I really enjoyed seeing the photos at the market! I love photos of fruit and veggies! You've been on my mind alot with the news about the volcano in Iceland. I hope you get back home safely…but, I wouldn't think it's too bad to be trapped in beautiful Europe! Have fun! B.J.

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