Grand Junction, CO

I have just returned home from a wonderful teaching trip in Colorado. I stayed at my friend Andreas home and was delighted to see all her projects she had made using my CD ‘Folk-art Dreams’ by Electric Quilt. It is a really fun product with about 180 blocks on it that can be changed to any size you desire. The above pillow is a block from my ‘Mercer Lane’ quilt and the small quilt below is the center of ‘Uniontown Square’.

She also used a block from my book ‘Greenbrier’ to make this journal which she embellished with beads.
This is the little ‘Lea’ bag which is great to hold small notions, rug hooks or pencils.
I just love this pillow! Last year I taught for my friend Kerry in Salt Lake City and they all embellished this block from my book ‘Magnolia’. Andrea put it together as a pillow using a wonderful beaded trim around the edge.
Linda Jenkins from Piece O’ Cake Designs is a member of Sunset Slope Quilt Guild in CO and she shared this wonderful new quilt of theirs from their new book my whimsical quilt garden

The class I taught was my ‘Altered Texture’ and loved all the embellishment techniques each student tried using wonderful threads and stitches.

The velvet rick rack and fabric just gives great texture to this piece.
These variegated threads give wonderful depth to this edging.
Don’t you just want to touch this fern. I love her use of three different fibers to get this result.

These Heishi beads are stacked with different beads adding more dimension.

These leaves are layered and them embellished with a closed fly stitch using seagrass and embroidery floss.
I find this all so inspiring! I hope to spend the day doing a little stitching myself.
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  1. juli says:

    muy bonito todo me ha encantado,

  2. The French Bear says:

    Looks like others are inspired by your work Sue…… what a gorgeous quilt!!! I love the details!!!
    Margaret B

  3. leyya-craftmania says:

    all of this delicious again:)kisses from turkey

  4. WoolenSails says:

    Love all the different ways people embellish their pieces. It inspires me to try new things and ideas for what to look for when I am looking for embellishments at the store.


  5. K says:

    I hope you don't get tired of gushing and whooping. Ever picture you post of your work, and your students' work makes me ache to DO something. If only life had a pause button, and I could get some sleep. Love the layering of textures; love the use of disparate and yet complementary fibers and beads. Most of all, love the designs. No. Most of all, thank you for posting all of this. And I STILL vote and will continue to vote that the CD be made MAC friendly.

  6. Donna says:

    Sue, I am coming your way for a mini vacation the end of March. Do you have a shop that I can visit?

  7. Nancy in MT says:

    Once again, oh my gosh, Sue, such stunning work. Can't believe the detail of the embellishmebts.

  8. kodama says:

    he tenido el placer de visitir tu blog y he quedado maravillada, felicitaciones, seguire haciendo visitas y ya te contare de mis trabajos,un abrazo

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