Challenge Quilts

A little while ago Nancy from the Primitive Folk art Quilting Yahoo group asked me to draw up a tree for a challenge piece for her group. She challenged them to be creative and make the piece into something they would love to own. I am sure you will agree they all did a fabulous job!

The winner – Betty’s – Bower Bird Tree is embellished with stitchery and beads. She won this neat little book that Nancy stitched.

Lynn’s tote made from wool. Embellished with rick rack, buttons and embroidery.

Juliann’s fun tree. I love the funky piecing that surrounds this piece.

Dorothy’s is covered with charms, happy flowers and fun birds.

Denise’s Backyard Friends. Doesn’t this make you want to spend time in Denise’s backyard! I love all the different birds.

Debbie’s is really fun. I am so into owls and just find her interpretation of these wonderful birds really appealing. I love her use of beads and ribbons as well.

Sandy’s Tote is very appealing. Wouldn’t you love to put a small knitting project in this one. She has embellished the back as well as the front of her tote.

Well done to each of you! I hope to be a part of another challenge in the future.

Keep stitching

7 Responses to “Challenge Quilts”

  1. Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives says:

    Such creative people!!! The winning piece is really Beautiful!

  2. says:

    How wonderful, such inspiring work! I love all of them!

  3. Betty says:

    thanks Sue for letting us have such fun!

  4. Nancy in MT says:

    Thank you Sue again for drawing up our inspiration, Nancy

  5. WoolenSails says:

    It was a fun contest and let me explore using different mediums in my quilt.


  6. Carrie P. says:

    What a fun challenge these ladies had. What an imagination they all have.

  7. 6p00d83452c3e669e2 says:

    I love them all. Thanks so much for sharing!

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