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Riverwalk Quilt Guild – Naperville IL.

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

After Hands All Around I traveled on to Riverwalk Quilt Guild. I had a day in between so Catherine and I went to Chicago to visit the Art Institute. It was great I was really taken by the  fabulous quality of all the pieces on display especially in the Indian, African and Asian Art sections. We also joined a Modern Art talk which was very interesting.

I taught a two day leaf and embellishment class to 25 ladies and did a lecture on the Stories behind my quilts. We all had a lot of fun creating. I taught many stitches using different fibers. All these stitches and available in my new book ‘Creative Stitching’

I am now home for a week catching up on stitching and general office work. My new studio is coming along quiet nicely each time I come home I try and make a little more progress. We are all so happy in our new home it has made the world of difference to our daily routine.

It is a snowy Sunday morning here in Ohio. A perfect day to curl up and stitch!

Creative Stitching


Hands All Around Quilt Guild – Bloomington IL

Friday, February 15th, 2013

I have just returned home from teaching at two guilds in Illinois. The first was Hands All Around in Bloomington. My class was filled with 20 very enthusiastic students. We worked on my flower vase for two days adding stems using decorative stitching and then layering flowers and leaves each adding a fun touch to make it their own. We used all sorts of fibers as well as learned to emboss velvet which added a great luster to our wool appliqué.

It is always fun to see the ideas each student comes up with. There is always something new and creative. I sometimes have to pinch myself, it is hard to believe that I do this really fun and creative job every day of my life.

Have a great weekend

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Flowerbed class, Tauranga and Auckland NZ

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

We had a fabulous three day class creating blocks from my Flowerbed Quilt. The students were very creative embellishing and layering unique wool blocks.

In the North Island of New Zealand we visited Tauranga and then spent a couple of days with my friend Jan in Auckland before heading home. She drove Kelly and I around Auckland showing us all the great sites, savoring wonderful food and a fabulous visit to the Auckland Museum. It was full of inspiration and holds a great collection of Maori and South Pacific Art.

We had a great two weeks on the cruise and I look forward to my next teaching cruise to Alaska in June

Thanks Deb for organizing everything and taking good care of each one of us. You can visit Deb Roberts website to see future cruises she has organized

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The South Island of New Zealand

Monday, February 11th, 2013

The South Island is a beautiful unspoiled part of the world.



Leaf Class and our visit to Melbourne AU

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

When on a cruise I teach during the day when we are at sea so when we dock for the day we all get to enjoy the town or city we visit. My first class was my textural and embellished leaf class. My students were very creative and had a great amount of fun working with textural fabrics and lush fibers. Many loved collecting fun little treasures in the different ports to include on their sampler. We had our class in the disco on the top floor which was fun as it was surrounded by windows so our view was spectacular.

Our next stop was Melbourne. I love this city! We visited Amitie a quilt store owned by my friend Jenny. Unfortunately she was not home but we had a great visit with Lucy her lovely daughter. We then took the train back to the city and took a bus tour and visited the large market in town.

I taught with teachers Sue Daley and Sylvia Pippin. We were treated to a show and tell one night with Sue Daley and her lovely  paper pieced quilts. She owns Patchwork with Busyfingers in Australia. Fun was had by all!

Our next stop will be Fiordland National Park in the South Island of New Zealand once we cross the Tasman Sea. More to follow soon.

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January Australian New Zealand Quilting Cruise – Sydney and Hobart Tasmania

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Kelly my eldest daughter and I arrived in Sydney in early January a couple of days before the cruise to spend a little time with my friends Joc and Rollo. We had a lovely few days visiting the museums, parks and doing a little shopping. We boarded the ship on a Friday afternoon and sailed away on a lovely summer evening. I was delighted as my friend Susan from Portland was one of the participants on the cruise. We also met Terry from Canada who was Susan’s room mate. Our first stop was Hobart Tasmania. We visited the Quilted Crow which is owned by Leonie and Deirdre. This was the wonderful store I taught at last year. Kelly and I spent the rest of the day in the Salamanca area. In the late afternoon we boarded the boat for Melbourne.