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Atlanta – East Cobb Quilters Guild

Monday, June 27th, 2011
I just returned home from a wonderful few days in Atlanta, Georgia. I taught 3 full day classes which were all full to capacity and shared my passion at the Guild Meeting where I talked about my quilting journey and shared my quilts.

The first day was my ‘Flower Vase’ altered texture class. It is such a creative class and each student were encouraged to layer and embellish using their own unique techniques. I was amazed at how well they all progressed.

We fussy cut fabrics and used our Chenille and Seagrass to embellish flowers
Did fun stitching on leaves
Used great fabrics on the vase
Couched yarns
Attached ribbons for stems using French knots
A few students share their pieces at the Guild Meeting
Played with silk rayon velvet
Attached beads using our 24wt silk thread
Embellished with Seagrass and Valdani threads
Used ribbons and buttons
Organza ribbon to make a dimensional flower
Our mini pom poms used to add texture to this flower
Embossed silk rayon ribbon
Layering of stitches on this leaf
Fun use of variegated #8 Valdani thread

The second day I taught my ‘Nifty Notes’ journal. We used my kits but I encouraged each student to embellish theirs using different stitches. On my return Kathy Collins had already sent me a picture of her finished project. She quilted hers and added a few extra stitches.
If you would like one of your own to keep yourself organized kits are available on my website.
Heather Kosbab also had a completed project!
One of my students played around machine stitching using our Genziana wool thread.
More stitching
and beading

Wendy my sister and I have two new lines of ribbons from Renaissance Ribbons. I am starting to use them on many of my own projects but I love the use of the ‘Folk art Flower’ and ‘Animal Train’ ribbons on these projects.

More uses of ribbons

Embellished flowers

and stems

They all made a wonderful start to a unique piece. My classes were so well received I have been asked to return to teach a two day workshop in 2014. Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome.
I was also delight as many students shared projects they had completed using my patterns. Barbara Barnes finished my Peony Bloom pincushion.

Jan Cunningham made my ‘TeaberrySac’ adding some of her own embellishments.

She also completed my ‘Silk Road’ quilt adding her unique touch.
This pattern is available in my ‘Contemporary Folk’ book along with kits on the website.

Paula Wexler also shared her Teaberry Sac.
My fingers itch to stitch when I return from teaching embellishment classes. Oh how I love to hand stitch!
Keep creating

Teaching In early June

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Cathy and I travelled to Indiana to teach at the Indianapolis Quilt Guild. A couple of my students brought projects of mine that they had previously done in class. I am always excited to see the progression of individual pieces and how they are embellished. Dawn had done my Flower Vase class as well as the Sew Your Seeds Needle Case.

I also taught my Small Bird Play. It is a fun class as you come to class with the kit appliqued then you spend your time in class layering and embellishing.

As we drove we were able to fill the car with wonderful goodies to tempt my students.

The layering and stitching of these flowers and leaves made each students piece unique.

This week I travelled to North Coast Needlers in Westlake OH. I had a full class of enthusiastic stitchers all layering and embellishing my Bird Play sampler.

Susan brought her version of my Coneflower Pillow to show me. I love the stitching she did on her piece.

We worked on Bullion Knots,
combining ribbons and stitches and
the textural pistil stitches.
As well as the Fly Stitch we had fun using some of our new fabrics for layering.
It was a fun day and as and added bonus Aimee my youngest daughter assisted me and we got to spend the day together.
I gave a lecture in the evening and Sue brought her Peony Bloom and Saffron Needle Case to share. Patterns and Kits for these can be found on my website.
I have also spent a great deal of time catching up with emails and general day to day chores after being away for a few weeks. I still feel like the I have a long way to go.
I am off to Atlanta to teach for three days this week.
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Last few days in Venice

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

I am sure you all think that all mom and I have done while is in Venice is eat. Actually we have had one great meal each day. The seafood is amazing but not cheap.

Fresh scallops and tuna from a Beccafico in Campo Santo Stefano.

Everywhere we go you can sit and eat in the piazzas and watch the world go by. Every table has table cloths and wonderful fresh flowers. The sun has not stopped shining since we got here.

The evenings have been beautiful and everyone is in the streets visiting in the summer months.

The next day we walked to Piazza San Marco. It was hot so we had a little drink in the square at Caffe Florian. If you can believe it cost about $45. Wine was cheaper than coffee so guess what I had! Mom had a bottle of water. Snacks and music were included in the price.

The Basilica San Marco was amazing. I fell in love with the tile floors. I was not able to take any pictures but managed to buy a couple of postcards.

I have collected so much imagery that I could make quilts for the rest of my life! I am in heaven.

We had another wonderful meal at Trattoria da Fiore – this time lobster

At our hotel they have a lovely little courtyard we have had our morning cappuccinos here.

Today our last day we took a ride for a few hours on the Vaporetto around Venice. It was very relaxing and it was great to see many sights from the water.

We finished our day with a very late lunch at Acqsa Pazza in Campo San Angelo. The food was amazing zucchini flowers filled with ricotta and fresh seafood.

We have had a great time in Venice. Mom and I fly home to Ohio tomorrow. This has been a very special trip together.
Thanks for sharing our journey.

First two days in Venice

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

We traveled from Orvieto to Venice by train. It was a 5 hour journey through the country side.

When we arrived in Venice it was a short walk to the Vaporetto (waterbus) which took us up the Grand Canal to San Marc where our wonderful small hotel is.
Rather weary we took the advice of the receptionist at the hotel and had a superb fresh fish meal at the Trattoria da Fiore. Venice is known for the wonderful fresh fish as it is so close to the Adriatic Sea.

Graffiti for Jason
The ever changing colors and texture of Venice

It is the Bicentennial art festival this year in Venice. This incredible structure is made out of bamboo by Mike and Doug Starn from the USA.

The Sculpture Garden at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Wonderful colors of Venice
The Grand Canal
The Rialto Market – Incredible fresh fish, fruit and vegetables as well as on lookers looking for fish scraps

Picture of baby artichokes especially for Pete. Wish you were here to cook some of your wonderful meals with all the fresh produce.

The Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge

The back streets of Venice
Venice is know for its incredible embossed velvets and silks as well as Murano glass. The shopping here is amazing loved these colorful silk scarves and artist pigments.

Two more days of Venice to follow.
Loving every minute! It has been as special time with my mom.

Last Days in Orvieto

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

The last few days mom and I spent in Orvieto were quiet but filed with wonderful visual experiences. We visited a couple of the local churches along with walking some of the back streets.

This little church is at the convent that we stayed at.

Saturday was a wedding at the Duomo. The bride was Scots and the grooms dad from Orvieto.
Mom took me to La Cocco for a birthday dinner and we had lemon gelato served in a lemon it was delicious.

Last gelato

Last pear, gorgonzola and walnut pizza at our favorite pizza restaurant. It was wonderful!

Wash day in Orvieto.
On Sunday evening we watch the local parishioners preparing for the Festival of the Madonna in the old district in town. They walked the Madonna from their church around town stopping at local homes to bless them.

We also visited the local ceramic museum. It was really interesting to understand what the imagery symbolized and how the colors changed over the years.

In town is a Folk Artist ‘Michelangeli’ I was really drawn to his style all made out of carved wood. As you strolled through the streets his work was on many streets as well as in many businesses.

The Duomo glowing in the afternoon sun

Over the weekend the Wisteria and the Magnolia tree in the courtyard of the convent started to bloom. I can’t imagine what these must look like in full bloom.
The jasmine and roses in the small garden in the courtyard were so in full bloom and were so fragrant.

I shall miss this wonderful serene place. Thanks to everyone who touched my heart over the last two weeks. Mom and I were sad to leave Orvieto on Wednesday but knew Venice would be a different and exciting experience.

Orvieto Day 8

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

The last couple of days of class were filled with embellishment of small parts of each students piece. This is the most exciting part for me as each piece comes alive and truly shows the individual style of each students work.

The last day of class was bitter sweet. We all met at 6.30pm for show and share and Prosecco in the courtyard. Giovanna the nun in charge of the convent made us her famous tiramisu which was so decadent.

My mom loving her Prosseco and tiramisu.
Vanelle from Montana with her lovely piece with the Duomo and symbols she loved from her visit.

Janet from Ohio with her textural applique inspired by all the wonderful images she loved so much in Italy.
Baukje from France via Holland who loved the bird images we saw at the archeological museum.
Lynn from Illinois was really taken with all the abstract images on the gates, she is also including the lovely flowers she saw at the flower seller in town.
Mary from Illinois with her wonderful artichoke.

Kathy from Utah with her lovely textural Italian buildings
Renee from Missouri with her fun owl, snail, leaf and bird. All images of Orvieto.
Angela from Dublin, Ireland with her wonderful textural grape vines
Elizabeth from Sydney Australia with her vine and leaf design
Kori from Ohio loved the cappuccinos in the morning along with the incredible jasmine that was blooming on all the buildings.
Kathy from Ohio fell in love with the twisted vine wisteria in the grounds at the convent. She also loved the mushroom dishes that were served in the restaurants.
Carole from Illinois did a lovely landscape with the vines and cypress trees from the Umbrian countryside.
Paul Carole’s husband spent his days painting the local scenes in watercolors. It was wonderful to see his paintings at show and share.

Thanks to everyone in my group for making this adventure so special. I hope you will all keep in touch and share your projects with me as you add to them over the months. You are all very special!
Our final meal was at Zeppalins and Chef Lorenzo prepared an incredible multicourse meal which we will never forget.

Saturday morning we said sad farewells to everyone as some started home and others went on to other places. This was a very special group. Thanks to all my students for all your inspiring work and to Kristi and Bill for their passion for Orvieto. If anyone has thought about doing this adventure I can highly recommend it. I will be returning to Orvieto to teach in May 2012.
Mom and I are staying on here in Orvieto for a few days then off to Venice.
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