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Orvieto Day 7

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Thursday is market day in town and we all visited the market and bought wonderful fresh produce for a picnic lunch.

It was also Kori and my birthday. We were treated to delicious desserts after lunch.

The courtyard at the convent is so quiet and spacious and each day we all gathered for lunch here.
After lunch we managed a little sewing then visited a local vineyard Palazzone for a tour and a sampling of their lovely wine and snacks.
The vineyard was off the main rock of Orvieto with breathtaking views of the countryside.

Giovani the owner of the vineyard was very informative as well as quiet entertaining. I could not think of a more special place to sip wine. The view was spectacular!

This is a view of the city from where we were. It was lovely to see the Duomo and the clock tower from this view.
Spectacular day!

Orvieto Day 6

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Each morning here in Orvieto I start out my day with a wonderful cappuccino made by Anthony at the Blue Bar which fortunately is close to the convent. Some mornings mom and I also have a delicious pastry. I will miss these treats!

In class all the students have started working on their design. It is great to see each one developing into a very personal piece. They cut freezer paper templates of their design and then started cutting out the fabrics which they started to applique. They are all using images that are meaningful to them. Many are of the hillside surrounding Orvieto and others of images we saw on the pottery at the museum and on the outside of the Duomo.

In the afternoon we went to one of the Etruscan caves. Orvieto sits on volcanic rock which was dug out in the Etruscan times to form hundreds of caves underground. The one we visited also had a well which was used to retrieve spring water. The caves were fascinating! They included a kiln, wine cellar and burial grounds. Many items of pottery which were excavated from the caves were on display.

Creative Stitching

Orvieto Day 5

Sunday, May 29th, 2011
We spoke about the layers of Italy and each student layered a piece using textural fabrics and ribbons. Between all of us we had enough of a selection of fabrics for each piece. We then spoke about the wonderful images that surrounded us and each student began to draw the images that they wanted to incorporate on their piece. Here are a few of the backgrounds in progress.

We finished early in the afternoon to go to our cooking class with Simone.

She chose two starters – Pancetta Roll with goat cheese, walnuts and pears and Rotolini di zucchini e ricotta. For the main course – Pamigiana di Melanzane and Panna Cotta for dessert. We all got stuck in cooking all different parts of the meal. We made fresh pureed tomatoes for the sauce for the Parmigiana.

Kathy made the Panna Cotta while others cut and cooked the strawberries for the topping.

A few of us cut and fried the eggplant for the Parmigiana.
Mom zested the lemon for the Panna Cotta.
Janet started one of the starters crushing the walnuts nuts and mixing with the goat cheese.
All rolled the Zucchini rolls.
Then we all sat down to a wonderful meal with wine and good company.
I really enjoyed the evening with everyone.

Orvieto – Day 4

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Monday was the first day we were all together. We spent most of the day around town with a little sewing in the afternoon. We all met for breakfast then walked the cobblestone roads to the Duomo, Orvieto’s cathedral which is Italy’s best gothic church.

What wonderful inspiration the mosaics and images on the front of the building were great resources for our quilt project.

The rose window was magical from the inside of the cathedral.

The interior of the cathedral was stunning. There were two small chapels one the San Brizio Chapel entirely covered with frescos by Fra Angelico , Gozzoli and Luca Signorelli from Cortona.

We were treated to a wholesome lunch at the convent before class stated.
I have 12 enthusiastic students in my class nine from the United States but also three international students. Angela from Dublin Ireland, Elizabeth from Sydney Australia and Baukje a Dutch student who now lives in the country in central France.
Orvieto is a city of layers. Each student started the afternoon making a background for their piece using layers of textural fabric, stitching and ribbons. Lynne got stuck in using linens and cotton fabrics for her layering.
Angela made herself comfortable om the floor piecing and cutting.
We have a lovely room with access to the patio.
Later that afternoon we were treated to a wine and olive oil tasting. Many wines are made in this area and it was very interesting to learn how the different wines affect your taste and what snacks to pair them with.

We finished the afternoon with a walk around the older part of town before heading to dinner.

This is the wonderful view off the rock. Orvieto was built on volcanic rock so the center of the city sits very high and overlooks the countyside below for 360 degrees.

Creative Stitching

Orvieto – Day 3

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

I keep finding wonderful little treasures at the convent where we are staying, from artwork to wonderful colors of inspiration.

This morning on our way to finding a good cup of coffee I was already taking pictures of all the iron work and the doors. So much to take in!

Great cappuccino!

I also bought a few Olive Wood cutting boards from a craftsman in town.
I spent the morning with Baukje, Vanelle and Mary at the Museo Archeologico Statale di Orvieto. The museum was very interesting all related to artifacts found in this area. The imagery on many of the pots were wonderful. I can see many quilts in my future especially related to my class here.

All 12 students and two husbands have arrived and Kristi and Bill had a reception for all of us this evening. Bill gave us a little tour of the convent and shared with us this wonderful Fresco which is being renovated on one of the kitchen walls of the convent.

We all had a wonderful dinner together at the Trattoria la Polomba. Then strolled around town before retiring for the evening.


Orvieto – Day 2

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

It is Saturday and another wonderful day. We visited the market this morning with Kristi and Bill and purchased some wonderful fresh produce for a picnic lunch in the courtyard at the convent.

Mom and I love the fresh Pecorino cheese so bought a wheel from the local cheese man along with strawberries, grapes and bananas to add to the picnic.
The vegetables were fabulous lots of color and inspiration here.
We spent the rest of the morning strolling around the streets shopping and taking in the wonderful Italian culture.
I did a little photography of the wonderful old buildings and many doors topped with metalwork and painted in rich worn colors.

Many of the students arrived this afternoon. We all gathered for dinner at a local restaurant before retiring for the evening.
Bill has just posted about the classes prior to my week please visit his blog for a little more about wonderful Italy.
Take care

Orvieto, Italy – Day 1

Friday, May 20th, 2011
Mom and I arrived in Orvieto late yesterday afternoon via train from Rome. It was a wonderful sunny evening with all the summer flowers in full bloom.

We took the cable car up the hill then the bus and arrived at San Lodovico our home for the next 10 days. It is an amazing building which used to be a palace then a convent before being renovated into a hotel. We were warmly greeted by Kristi and Bill Steiner the organizers of Adventures in Italy.
We have a lovely little room which has this wonderful view.
The inside of San Lodovico is very interesting with lots of wonderful light and interesting rooms. Here is a little tour of a couple of rooms.

There is also a wonderful courtyard with interesting mosaics and plantings.

Mom and I had a lovely pizza lunch in town followed by an afternoon nap.

The architecture, metal work and wonderful wood work is going to be so inspirational for my students in my class. I can’t wait to start journaling.

We just returned from a wonderful meal with Kristi and Bill. Thanks for making use feel so welcome.
I need to get some sleep now so I can be bright for tomorrow so I can absorb more of the Italian culture. Off to the market in the morning.

Off to Italy

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Mom and I left early this morning for Italy unfortunately we have been delayed by 6 hours here in Miami. What a start to a wonderful trip!

I am knitting and drinking really good coffee while my mom takes a snooze.
Can’t wait to be in Italy. I love the food, wine, art and history. I am teaching a 5 day class in Orvieto and then mom and I are vacationing in Venice. Life is sooooo good!

Quilt Market – SLC

Monday, May 16th, 2011
It has been a whirlwind of a weekend here at Quilt Market in SLC. Cathy, Melissa and Kelly my daughter flew in on Wednesday and started to set up the booth while I finished my last day of teaching.

I brought my new book ‘Crimson Tweed’ and the wool, cotton and silk threads for wholesale ordering here at market. We had a great corner position really close to Renaissance Ribbons who had 20 of Wendy and my new ribbons.

Kelly and Cathy made some great samples showing off the ribbons. Kelly made this button tree and Cathy these wonderful fragrant lavender bags.

I am really excited about the ribbon collection all I see now are wonderful images to incorporate in the ribbons. Edith the owner of Renaissance Ribbons and Sheila who I worked very closely with were delighted with the end results of the collection. I am looking forward to working with both of them in the future.

Here is Valori Wells wonderful booth. She is pictured here with Carolyn. I love Valori’s fabric designs. I bought many of them as well as some other fun pieces for my website.

It was wonderful to see all my Australia friends again. We had dinner with Annie and Pete for Hatched and Patched, Jenny, Noel and Samantha from Addicted to Fabric and Jenny for Amitie. I can’t wait to return to Australia to teach in 2013.

Sunday evening we all had dinner with Jennifer and Elizabeth from American Patchwork and Quilting and finished off with this wonderful dessert.
I am traveling home today washing my clothes and preparing for Italy. My mom is on her way to Ohio and we will be leaving early on Wednesday morning. Can’t wait!

Quilt Retreat – SLC

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

I have just taught a three day retreat for my friend Kerry Green here in SLC. We had a full class of very creative students all creating a wonderful piece using my ‘Tree – Travel Journal’ theme.

Many of the students have taken classes from me before and I was delighted to see all the show and tell they brought to share.
Above is Debra’s quilt from my new book ‘Crimson Tweed’
This is Marianne’s variation on my Magnolia Quilt.
Here is Judy’s Silk Road from my Contemporary Folk book.
And Kerry’s Magnolia.
The class was held at Pioneer Hall. We had plenty of room to spread out.
Last year they worked on my bird and berries quilt. Hers is Debra’s wonderful piece.

There were so many variations of the Journal Quilts started in this class many with wonderful stories.

This is Jane’s quit from last year. Many students brought these to continue embellishing.

It was a wonderful class and very inspiring.
I am now at Quilt Market in SLC.
Will post new and exciting things soon.