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Olive Grace, Cortland OH

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
I taught an embellishment class at a wonderful quilt store in my area called ‘Olive Grace’ owned by Kori Turner My daughter Aimee goes to school in the area so I picked her up and she helped for the day setting up and selling the items in my little store.

The students worked on embellishing leaves and circles using all hand dyed and textural threads and many fun and interesting stitches.

Aimee did a great job setting up a little store of all my embellishments hand dyed velvet. Doesn’t it make you want to stitch?

Kathy Kori’s mom catered breakfast and lunch. She is a wonderful cook and the food was fabulous.

I am delighted as Kori and Kathy are traveling to Orvieto in Italy month to take my class as well as experience the wonderful Italian culture. I will be returning to teach a class at Olive Grace next year.
Take care

The Quilt Show Taping

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011
I have just returned home from Colorado Springs where my quilts were taped for the upcoming season of ‘The Quilt Show’ with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. It was a wonderful fun day were I got to share my quilts and teach a few techniques about stitching and embellishing wool. The filming crew were fabulous along with Alex and Ricky. My show was filmed in the morning and Michelle Jacksons was in the afternoon.

We filmed the show at the lovely home of Barb and Bob Normoyle. They were very gracious to allow us to move furniture and hang quilts around their home which had a breath taking view of the mountains.

They featured my new ‘Crimson Tweed’ quilt as well as Robin Run the Hedge and Magnolia as backdrops to the interview.

I made many step outs showing the progression of embellishing leaves which I shared in my demo section. We talked about all the wonderful hand dyed threads I use. Along with the fun stitches.

The threads and yarns were a feast for the eyes. So much color and texture!
Normally it takes about a year before the online show will air. But I am very excited as they needed an additional feature for the upcoming series (Episode 810) so mine will be available for viewing Monday May 9 As one of my newsletter members you will be able to view the show for free for one week and then have the opportunity of signing up for the show at a 20% discount. If you do not already receive my newsletter please make sure you sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of my website page
I am really excited to launch my new book for Spring Market and have it be featured on the ‘Quilt Show’ when it is so new.
I shared the day with a wonderful Art Quilter Michelle Jackson from Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Many thanks to everyone who made this day a success. And a special thanks to Shelly, Lilo, Alex and Ricky.
I feel so fortunate to be able to make a living doing something I am so passionate about. The best part about it is I still love every stitch I make.
Keep Creating

Monday in Lincoln

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Rebecka and I had a great Monday together visiting the International Quilt Study Center and Museum and the State Capitol. The Capitol is a wonderful building built between 1922 and 1932. The interior reflects the history of Nebraska with tiled floors and ceramic mosaic ceilings.

We also stopped in at a lovely coffee shop did a little stitching and walked around the old station area of Haymarket.

As the quilt museum is closed on Mondays Rebecka organized a private tour of the quilt exhibits. Lois was wonderful and very informative. The exhibit of the ‘Marseille White Corded Quilts’ was on display. What an amazing collection! All hand stitched and corded with wonderful imagery in the background. The second exhibit was ‘Nebraska Quilts and Quiltmakers’. These quilts were made by Nebraskan quilters or the quilts were brought to Nebraska by families who settled in the area between 1860 and 1900.

If you visiting Lincoln please take time to visit the museum. Every time I have visited there has been a different exhibit with the most outstanding quilts on display.
Once again my head is filled with more ideas than I can possibly have time to stitch.
Take care

Lincoln Guild – NE

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

It was wonderful to see some of my students that took my class at the NE State Conference last year. Even better they brought there projects from my classes.

I taught the Peony Bloom and the Bird Song Needle Case. I love what you did with your pieces thanks for sharing.

Lorraine added a velvet wing to her bird and sewed a wonderful little piping around the edge of the needle case.

I taught my ‘Altered Texture’ Tree class. Each started with a base kit. We worked on filling the tree with leaves, berries and birds.

Some students added a little family history and special elements that were meaningful to them.
These samples are all in the early stages as this was just a one day class. I can’t wait to see how each piece evolves.

Many thanks to Rebecka Schafer for all her hard work organizing my class.
Keep stitching

Leaf Play

Saturday, April 9th, 2011
Just a little leaf inspiration. I am fascinated with this shape and amazed at all the variations. These leaves are from my Monday Morning Group. They are great stitchers.

Have a wonderful weekend. I am off to Lincoln, NE in the morning to teach a class at the guild.

Keep Stitching

Student Work

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
Many of my students and customers send me wonderful pictures of how they have used my patterns. I love receiving them and find it so interesting how they use color and fabric to make it their own.

Janelle Holcomb made my ‘Folklore’ Quilt. This is one of my favorite designs. Well done Janelle! I also believe it is your birthday today. Have a wonderful day.

Kathy Mcelroy finished her ‘Flower Vase’ with a wonderful appliqued border. Her embellishment on this piece was wonderful.
Vicki Guerra from Texas made all my pincushions from my ’12 Pin Keeper’ book. Great job!

Jean Impey from CA sent me her finished ‘Flower Vase’ piece from a workshop I taught earlier this year. I love how the border sets off this piece.

Paula Hook of Surfside Guild, CA send me pictures of her piece from my class. I love all her embellishment.
Jean Impey has been busy again. The side panel on her quilt was inspired by my ‘Thistledown’ Table Rug. Wonderful colors.

Mieke Duyck from Belgium made this wonderful bag and needle case inspired by projects from my ‘Contemporary Folk’ book by Quiltmania magazine. I love the colors she used in the bag. It makes me want to make a new one.

Well done to all. Please keep sending me photos I love it when you all share.
Keep Stitching

Empty Spools – Monterey CA

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

I just spent a glorious week in Monterey, Ca teaching a 5 day workshop at Empty Spools Seminars. There were 10 teachers including my friends Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran. I was able to spend a little time with them drinking early morning coffee and dinning at a couple of wonderful seafood restaurants in town.

Judy’s Greenbrier blocks.
I had 18 very enthusiastic students who worked on projects either inspired by my designs or designed my themselves using textural fabrics and hand dyed wools. It was fabulous to have the full 5 days to work through the design process, pick colors and then go on to add texture using embellishments. I have been dying to teach more than one or two day classes as my design process warrants more time. This week made me realize this was were I need to put my energy as we were able to accomplish much more in this time. I am excited I will be teaching more 5 day classes in the next couple of years. I have a full workshop in Orvieto, Italy on May then at the Madeline Island School of the Arts on WI in September.
You can also check out my schedule page on my website for other teaching engagements

When I returned home I realized I did not have pictures of all my students work. I am so sorry please if you don’t see your piece here send me a picture as my intent was to show case everyones work. As each one of you continues to work on your piece please send me photo’s.
Phyllis worked on a small piece using wonderful imagery in her circles and plans to fill it with birds and butterflies. I think we have here hooked on wool now!
I love the layering effect she is achieving on her flowers.

Stacey came with her idea of creating love birds. She pieced a wonderful blue background using different textural wools then used silk and wool in her birds. She also added flowers, a sun and leaves through out the week.
Ellen’s piece is going to be so much fiun with this large dragonfly and basket of flowers. She started to pick great colors to work on her background.

Jayne worked on my house block form ‘Folklore’ and stitched on a leaf sampler using many different threads and stitches.

Charlene worked on ‘Folklore’ adding her own touch. I love the fun elements in this quilt.
Judy started with making a miniature version of ‘Robin Run the Hedge’ and worked on embellishing her Greenbrier blocks.
Barbara worked on her version of a block from ‘Folklore’. I love the ostrich and these Bullion knots!

Eileen dyed here own wool and designed this tree sampler with fruit and birds. I love the textural braid on the bottom.

Linda worked on this delightful Guinea Hen quilt. She will be adding small chicks and lots of embellishment to the leaves in the border.
This was Gayle’s first experience working with wool. I know she loved it and plans to add her own imagery to my ‘Folklore’ pattern.
Debbie decided to work on a small piece as she really wanted to concentrate on the embellishment. She combined imagery from different quilts of mine and used a combination of textural threads in her stitching adding ribbons and braid.

Tina pieced a great background and then decided to fill it with flounders and leaves. I can’t wait to see these embellished.

Helen and Nancy worked on these wonderful pieces first piecing a wool and cotton background then adding a tree and wildlife. These are going to be great embellished.

Deanne designed this quilt using hand dyed wool and cotton fabrics. She is going to have so much fun embellishing the cactus using spiky stitching.
Pat worked with great textural fabrics adding monkeys, flowers and leaves to her design. I can’t wait to see what she does with this piece.
Susan started on a very ambitious wall hanging. She pieced a deep and textural background then filled it with this magical pot filled with oversized flowers.
I hope your creative juices are flowing now! These are all going to be spectacular quilts.
Thanks to all my students for a wonderful week in Monterey.
Keep Stitching