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Anni Downs – Hatched and Patched – Bathurst AU

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

I taught for three days at Anni’s in Bathurst. It was wonderful to return and spend time with Anni, Pete and their two wonderful children Tim and Sammy as well as visiting with many of my students from my last visit. I was amazed at the amount of finished projects they brought to share with me.

I love this little pillow which Anni’s daughter Sammy started in my class last year. It makes me really happy to see young girls stitching.
Here are two Magnolia quilts from my last years class. The top one is Suzanne Glennon Martyn’s of Oberon with her wonderful Queensland house in the center. The one below was stitched by Janette Robinson of Bathurst.
Many wonderful Flower Basket Quilts were also shared.

Terri Ann Press of Bathurst stitched the Flower Basket with the doily.

Heather Hacker from Windsor Downs NSW also shared her pincushion she made from Anni’s and my pattern which was published in Australian Homespun Magazine a couple of months ago.

Jennifer Edwards from Sydney also finished her Red Clover Quilt.

Roslyn McGovern made her block from Magnolia into a pillow.
During the two day class we had students working on a few different projects. I love the different backgrounds these gals were using for the Robin Run the Hedge Quilts. The plaid one is an old wool blanket.
Many worked on leaves for there tree using all sorts of ribbons and hand dyed threads to create texture.

Many also worked on different shapes of leaves.

The one day classes was my Saffron Needle Roll. It was such fun to see all the embellishments and different stitches each student played around with.

Melissa and I had a great time in Bathurst. When we were finished Anni and Pete drove us to Sydney were we spent the night before moving on to Melbourne.
Take care

Canberra to Bathurst, AU

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Melissa and I had a wonderful few days off in Canberra. My friend Joc and her husband Rollo took such good care of us. We learnt a great deal about the history of Canberra and visited many wonderful places.

At the moment there is a wonderful aboriginal art exhibit ‘The Canning Stock Road’ at the National Museum of Australia. Melissa and I could have spent the whole day there. It was so interesting and the paintings were fascinating.

This is the view of Canberra from Mt Ainsley. It was fabulous to see the whole city.
The trees in Australia remind me of South Africa. I just love the shapes and shades of the bottle trees and all the gum trees that cover Australia.

We had a lovely drive from Canberra to Bathurst. The Big Merino was in Goulburn. I had to take a picture of it as I am so passionate about wool.

The old homes with ironwork in Goulburn were fabulous. Very inspirational!

We were also very fortunate to watch a wallaby and three kangaroos down at the river feeding. They were fabulous to watch.
The next three days I will be teaching at Hatched and Patched in Bathurst. It is owned by Anni and Peter Downs who are just delightful.
Love from down under.

Addicted to Fabric – Canberra, AU

Friday, August 20th, 2010
We flew back from the Gold Coast via Sydney. Sarah and Florence picked us up and drove us to Canberra. It was a lovely drive through the countryside.

Addicted fabric where I taught is a fabulous shop owned by Jenny Adams. It is chock a block with wonderful quilting and dressmaking fabrics along with trims and embellishments. Melissa and I managed to fill our suitcases with a few special pieces.

I taught two classes. The Greta Needle roll and the my Tree quilt.
The Needle rolls were made in a wide assortment of fabrics using velvet, roving balls and embellishment stitches.

The tree class was really fun all added their own borders and embellishing their leaves using fun fabrics and stitches.

I was delighted to have two young girls in the class. They did a fabulous job and seemed to have a great time. It is always fun to see how the younger generation use color and interpret design.

As you can see the students got a good start with their pieces. I would love to thank Jenny, Samantha and Kerry for all their hard work putting the workshop together. I am very excited about the possibility of returning to Australia in a couple of years.
I must say one of the most wonderful parts about this trip has been all the finished projects the students have shared with me from the classes I taught last year. These Australian ladies do amazing embellishment.
Canberra was followed with a couple of fun days which I will share tomorrow.
Take care

Gold Coast, Australia

Friday, August 20th, 2010

It has been a little time since I have had access to the internet. We are now in Bathurst but I need to catch up with our visits to the Gold Coast and Canberra. This was the view from our abode at the Gold Coast. It was an amazing view of the whole coast line.

I taught a two day class at the Guild of my leaves using an array of textural fabrics and stitches. It was a wonderful group who seemed to really enjoy the stitches and threads we explored.

I am loving the birds here in Australia. They are so large and colorful. How do you like this polka dot tail?

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to be able to teach and travel and experience cultures of all the corners of the world. I feel very blessed that this is what I do each day.
Keep creating

Manly Ferry and Pittwater Boat ride

Monday, August 9th, 2010

On Saturday Melissa and I took the Manly ferry to meet my friend Robyn. On our way we had a wonderful view of the Sydney Opera House and looking back over the city center.

Robyn and her husband Bob took us on their boat for few hour sail around Pittwater.
We were treated to a prawn and champagne lunch. How spoilt were we! It was wonderful on the water and the weather cooperated.
This little guy waited for all the left overs.
We flew to the Gold Coast on Sunda and have been teaching for the guild here. Will post about the wonderful students shortly.
Keep stitching

Killara Quilt Shop

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

I just spent two full days teaching at Killara Quilt Shop in Sydney. It was wonderful to have such enthusiastic students who really pushed themselves to create unique pieces. The theme was My Journal Cloth which incorporated a tree using pieced borders and applique with textural embellishment.

Many used my drawings for there birds, dogs and leaves then they used creative stitches to embellish.

We worked with hand dyed wool, silk velvets and fibers to make a one of a kind piece.

Many thanks to Carol and her staff who made me feel very welcome and really embraced the class. I can’t wait to see the finished pieces.
Take care

Sewing Night at Sarah’s

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Wednesday night is sewing class at Sarah’s house. Melissa and I joined in to stitch and chat. The students are working on Sarah’s Wagga Quilt. It is so fun made out of recycled wool blankets and sweaters then embellished with stitchery and wonderful three dimensional flowers. It was so cozy it would definitely keep me warm in our Ohio winters.

They start with a pieced background then go to town with the stitching. Peta was working on the stitching on her background below. How fun I wish I could come back and take the class.
They each brought quilts in progress as well as completed quilts to share. Florence is working on this amazing English paper pieced quilt. She is nearly finished with only a small section at the top to complete. Fiona and Peta also brought quilts to share.

Melissa and I had a great time. I will be waiting anxiously to see how your Wagga’s progress.
Take care

Friday, August 6th, 2010
We made it safely to Australia. Just a little frustrating as I have had trouble getting my computer charged. My dear friend Sarah Fielke picked Melissa and I up from the airport on Tuesday morning. We relaxed for a couple of hours and then headed to the Sydney Harbor with her husband Damien for a wonderful lunch and great Australian wine. This was our view from our table. Could not get better than this!

In this area is Luna Park an old amusement park, and a fabulous view of downtown and the Sydney Opera House.

I have a good friend Judy who teaches a lot of my quilt patterns in Australia. She was teaching at Cottage Quilt Works in Sydney on Tuesday so we were invited for tea.

It was really fun to met everyone and see the wonderful quilts they were all making. I just love that each student took the liberty to personalize there quilts with images that are special to them.

On Wednesday Sarah was having here quilts photographed for her new book. We went to Whale Beach where they have a wonderful family home on the beach. It was a great setting for all her quilts.
Here is a sneak preview of her new book. I could not give it all away but just a few to wet your appetite. I am very excited to get a copy for myself.

We are off to see my friend Robyn so will post about my first class at Killara Quilts later today.
Take care

Primitives of the Midwest

Monday, August 2nd, 2010
Jennifer Keltner from American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine opened the Primitive Gathering with a show and tell of pasted and upcoming projects from the magazine. It was fun to see the array of color we could expect.

She also had my Coneflower pillow and a sample of her version of my pillow from my pattern in the last issue.

I love her colors. Really fun!

I taught three classes.
My first class was a new Pomegranate Table Rug. I was amazed at how much progress each student made. We even had time to do some special stitches.

The second was the Coneflower Pin Keeper and Needle Keeper. It was fun to see all the different stitches, colors and fibers my students worked with.
Saturday morning Rita organizes an antique show.

Renee, Linda and Jan from New Zealand were up early looking for treasures they could not live without.
My third class was an embellishment class as you can see we had a great time.

I arrived at San Francisco airport at 9.30am this morning from Kansas City. I have been sitting catching up on paper and computer work all day. I feel quiet relieved to have made some head way. It is now 8.15pm and I am wanting patiently for Melissa to arrive. Our flight to Sydney Australia is at 11pm. We will be gone a month and hope to be able to blog our travels regularly.
Keep up the creative work