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Pour L’Amour du Fil – Nantes France

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Carol and her staff were incredible! They all made us feel so welcome and were so enthusiastic about the show and the craft of quilting. Quiltmania magazine just produced my book ‘Contemporary Folk’ which was launched at the show. I am ecstatic about he quality of this book. I could not have wished for a better publisher. It was produced in French and English and is 207 pages with 15 projects, 3 of which are all large quilts. They really captured the essence of my work.

You can see from a sneak preview that the photography is wonderful, very large, graphic and colorful.

The photography of the quilt projects for the book were taken by Guy YoyotteHusson and the pictures of my studio and family were taken my dad Mike Morris and my sister Wendy Morris.

The graphic designer was Elodie Beillevert (on the right below) and the translator was Elisabeth Fuchs, who also interpreted for my classes. The Book was edited by Carol Veillon the owner of Quiltmania magazine. Thanks to all for a superb job.

This is a complete picture of all of the teachers who attended the show. Due to the volcano only teachers from France, England and myself were able to make it.

I taught three classes and met wonderful people from all over Europe. They were very keen to learn about wool and the use of dimension using embroidery and textural fabrics.

I had a great interpreter Elizabeth, she made it very easy for me to teach everyone.

PourL’Amour du Fil designed a home for each teacher who attended. Due to the volcano and the fact that I was traveling in Europe prior to the disaster I am the only foreign teacher who made it to France. Here are a few pictures from my home.

I am so sorry my dear friend Sarah Fielke from Australia was not able to get here above is our quilt we did together for Down under quilts, ‘Peacocks and Plumage’.

Below are some pictures of Sarah’s home her in Nantes. Her quilts looked great. I just wish she was able to be here to enjoy them.

It has been very busy here. The show went until 7pm each evening, we then have dinner and collapse into bed each night. Exhausting but wonderful! Thanks to all involved.
Off to Paris this morning. Will blog again soon.
Take care

Arrived in France

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Everything was on our side. After waiting 5 hours at the airport our flight eventually took off. We were very fortunate as ours was one of the very few that left from Barcelona to Paris OLY airport yesterday. Our car was also available and we then drove the 3 hour trip to Nantes. It was a beautiful sunny day. After arriving nested into our hotel grabbed some dinner then collapsed for the evening.

Off to enjoy Nantes today and will meet Carol from Quiltmania at the Cite des Congres later this afternoon.
I feel very fortunate to have made it to the show ‘For the Love of Thread’ and will miss all the other teachers that unfortunately could not get here on time.

Pour L’Amour du Fil

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Barcelona was fabulous! We are up very early this morning as we are hoping to travel to Nantes, France today for the Pour L’Amour du Fil quilt show this weekend. I will be teaching a few classes at the show. Please cross your fingers that all will be well for our flights or the possibility of renting a car to get us to France.

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Barcelona – The Contrast of Art

Monday, April 19th, 2010

We have walked many miles of this city and have found the art fascinating. Each street corner varies from Graffiti to modern and old. All combined together to make this city so eye appealing. Here are a few pictures I captured on my travels.

What inspiration for creative design! I am sure you will agree.



Monday, April 19th, 2010

Last Monday we arrived in Barcelona after missing our flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona. We are loaded with bags packed with goodies for the show in Nantes, France. I would not know what it was like to travel lightly!

We have an apartment right in the center of the city just off La Rambla, with really easy access to everything. Our first walk through town was through the local market. What a feast for the eyes! Every fresh product you can image. The seafood is fabulous as well as the fruit and vegetables. We are planning to scour these markets for a picnic in the park later this week.

The architecture is unbelievable. The mix of gothic and contemporary art surrounds you from every corner of the city.

Antoni Gaudi’s cathedral, Sagrada Familia is an amazing structure. The contrast between the stone and stain glass windows was breath taking. This structure began at the height of Modernism and is still in progress a century later.
Gaudi’s La Pedrera an amazing apartment block with curving facade, bizarre rooftop, wrought iron balconies and ceramic mosaics decorating the entrance halls was a fabulous structure to visit.
Dad, Wendy, Cathy, Kelly and I have soaked up many local pubs and eating houses. Having acquired a real taste for local food and wine.
More to follow from Barcelona

The Last Couple of Weeks

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

I just spent a couple of weeks in Spokane with my son Jason and my family. I had a great time. I also spent many hours working on my ‘Workt by Hand’ project. Unfortunately I can not share it with you as it is a secret. I picked Jason up from school in Ellensburg where there is a fabulous house that has great creations in the yard. I believe it was created by a local professor. Of course I loved this bird!

We also spent a morning watching the sheep, lambs and lamas in a pasture near my sisters home. They were fun to watch and photograph.

Last weekend I taught at a new quilt store in Cortland Ohio, Olive Grace. It is owned by a young gal Kori and it is delightful. Housed in an old school house and is full of an eclectic collection of fabrics, gifts and trims.
We worked on my Saffron Needle Roll incorporating hand dyed wool, beads and ribbons.

I have just returned from The United Quilt Guild in Salem Ohio. We created blocks from my Magnolia Quilt using a wonderful array of fabrics and threads. Many students worked on the center house block. Some are going to continue to make the whole quilt and others are going to incorporate the block into bags and pillows.

I love this flower block from the quilt. It has so many areas to embellish and use textural fabrics.

I am leaving for Barcelona and France in the morning with computer in hand. I am hoping for internet access so I can post this fabulous experience. I will be teaching in Nantes, France so will post as soon as I can.
Keep stitching I love what each one of you are creating.
Take care