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Material Obsession Visit

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Today we spent some time at the store in Sydney called Material Obsession and Sue was able to meet some talented quilters. We got to see some of the quilts from Material Obsessions book one.
Another one from their about to be released book two.
We also got a sneak peak of a quilt Kathy is working on for a new pattern. This one might finally turn me into a quilter! Maybe I can put that pile of dyed wool scraps to use.
Sues Ginger Grove was hanging on the wall, a spectacular rendition done by Kate out of Japanese fabrics. Hanging next to it was a quilt composed of some of Sues blocks interpreted by Kathy’s friends and given to her as a fiftieth birthday gift.
It was wonderful to just hang around, to meet you all and to share all your wonderful work.
We hope someday to see you all again.
Wendy and Sue

Time out in Sydney

Monday, April 6th, 2009
At the end of Sues three days Sarah and Damien took us for a wonderful dinner down by the harbor bridge. We met up with Sarah’s friend Florence who we had heard has a wonderful stash of wool. It was a gorgeous evening and what a spectacular view, not to mention the lovely food and great company. Thank you both for a great time. It was a special treat.

Sunday was another fun filled day. This time we met up with an old friend from another life. It had been about 28 years since we had seen one another and I have to say that Marion you look marvelous!!! I (Wendy) was still a high school student in South Africa back then and believe me it feels like a long time ago. Sue was a young mom living in Johannesburg when she last saw Marion and her husband Steve. We were reminiscing about her young tots playing in the sandbox in the noddy. It is hard to believe they are adults now.
We had a lovely lunch in Manly and then were taken to see this beautiful view of the Sydney Harbor and its surrounds. Truly a gorgeous sight.
The afternoon was capped off with a lovely coffee looking over the inland waterways.
Wendy and Sue.

Material Obsessions – Magnolia

Monday, April 6th, 2009

I spent the next two days with 18 more students from around the Sydney area and 2 students from New Zealand. It was wonderful to meet many BOM participants as well as many customers I have talked to over the Internet. I now can put many faces with names I have know for a long time.

They all did a wonderful job choosing colors and patterns for their backgrounds and blocks. Many worked on individual blocks while others started to select backgrounds in order to get started on color placement.

Hand dyed wool was very new to many but I know we have many new converts. They were just amazed at the fun you can have mixing fabrics and textures. At the end of the two days each student shared what they had worked on. Kathy the owner of Material Obsessions helped Robyn Evans share her blocks.

Creative Stitching from Sydney

Material Obsessions – Altered Texture Class

Monday, April 6th, 2009
I just love teaching the Altered Texture class. All 20 ladies in the class started with the same appliqued base that they had done ahead of time and then each one embellished using cottons, wools, velvets, ribbons and yarns. It is just amazing to see each one came alive and also that they were totally different. They also become very dimensional with each layer they added.

What a wonderful group of enthusiastic ladies!

I was very fortunate as Kerran Ogg shared her quilt which she did in one of Sarah’s class. It was inspired by my Uniontown Square Quilt Design.

Arriving in Sydney, Australia

Monday, April 6th, 2009

After a very uneventful but long flight we arrived in Sydney to be welcomed by Damien, Sarah Fielkes husband. We met up with Sarah an hour later at her home. It was great to see her again and met both her children. After a Japanese lunch Wendy and I were able to spend a quiet day in our hotel in Crows Nest.

The next morning Sarah took us down town Sydney to the Art Museum and then for a walk through the botanical Gardens to see the harbor and the Sydney Opera House. It was wonderful to share interests that we are all so passionate about.
Sue and Wendy


Monday, April 6th, 2009
I spent the last weekend in Calgary at one of my favorite stores ‘Out of Hand’. Deirdre who owns the store has a fabulous selection of textural fabrics and embellishments. I have never taught anywhere were we have had such a selection right at our finger tips.
The first day we worked on the Altered Texture class and it was amazing to see all the students pieces come to life and how they incorporated many different techniques.

Some worked on silk and others with wool and cottons. All made one of a kind pieces which were very inspiring.
I always love to see all the embellishments everyone has in their stash.
The second class was working from my new book Magnolia. This was a very creative class with some students incorporating images from recent trips as well as a love for other cultures. I feel very honored that they would use my patterns for inspiration.
Calgary was very wintry while I was there. The morning I left we had a foot of snow over night. A little change from the Ohio weather the week before I left.

Thanks Deirdre for a fabulous trip and great hospitality. On Sunday evening I left straight from Calgary via San Fransisco to Sydney, Australia. I met my sister Wendy in San Fransisco.