I’m back… where have I been and what have I been doing???  Even I don’t know…  It seems like these last few months have been Monday-Friday busy busy at the office with nights spent winding, twisting and tying threads.  Saturday & Sunday have become official ‘thread dyeing days’- then back to the office Monday.  However, between all the craziness I have been tediously at work developing a ‘Mystery Box’.  How did the Mystery Box come about… well honestly I can’t even remember.  I think for quite a while I had wanted to offer a Mystery Box of sorts- but it took a while for my brain to work through how exactly I wanted to execute it.  I sent a few Mystery Boxes as gifts over the holidays to get a bit of feedback, then subscribed to several- none of which were sewing or crafty- not because I didn’t want to but because I couldn’t really find one.  I learnt a lot from receiving these boxes- most of the time I was somewhat underwhelmed.  I felt like- ‘oh, I can get this at Target’- or ‘that’s nice’.  I quickly learnt that is not the feeling I wanted our boxes to have.  So I searched and searched for unique items, spent a lot of time thinking of how and what to include- should it be themed?  A technique?  Fun ‘stuff’?  So finally with a plan I named our box ‘Ukudala’- Zulu for create, creative, creating.  With Africa deeply embedded in the Spargo’s souls it only seemed right.  A form of ‘Creative’ was a no brainer because that is what my mom is all about.  I have worked on creating Ukudala for about 10 months… the littlest things you wouldn’t even imagine went wrong.  I purchased a few items- ordered the boxes- and whoa- the boxes were too small.  Ordered tissue paper- it felt like netting- purchased more- these were far too large… the list of errors goes on and on for ten long months.  But finally the first ‘Ukudala’ is ready and will debut Friday March 14th- 6pm-  that’s tomorrow!!!!!!  The boxes are limited- and what’s in them???  My lips are sealed…

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9 Responses to “‘Ukudala’”

  1. Holly Gleason says:

    It is not clear to me how you win a Ukudala Mystery Box but I would love to be one of your winners. I love all things Sue Spargo…. I am a huge fan and I hope to do a cruise or a week somewhere with Sue at some point. I had hoped to go on the one to Australia last year but my son was ill and I could not leave the US. My roommate would have been Susan Day … she went and had a great time. Blessings to all of you, holly

  2. Maggie Michel says:

    Looks or shall I say sounds verrrrry interesting. We love those little boxes of special.

  3. Avril Roundtree says:

    So exciting! Can’t wait! Avril

  4. Nan Marie says:

    This is FUN and exciting! Can’t wait to see what this is:):)
    Happy Spring:)
    Nan Marie

  5. Michele says:

    Well done, the whole package, packaging, contents are fabulous.Received my mystery Ukudala today. Treasure box of goodies. I will be watching for future announcements.

  6. Dawn Brewer says:

    Hi Kelly – Received my box yesterday – LOVED IT! I hope I get one next month too!

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