Madeline Island School of the Arts

I am a very lucky girl indeed.  I have returned from spending an unexpected week with my mom at Madeline Island School of the Arts (MISA), taking a fabulous class from the very special Gwen Marston!  With my mom on the road all the time, our time together was incredibly special.  Mom teaches at MISA a couple of times a year and has always said what a special place it is.  I must say that after spending a week there I am absolutely in awe of the island, the workshop location, accommodations and overall care that was given to us over our week long stay from every staff member at MISA.  If you ever have the opportunity to take a class at MISA, it is an absolute must!

The island was alive with Lupins which were in full bloom-



A tranquil walk down to the beach-







Just outside our room, a few friends stopped by each morning to visit-




Our classroom was an array of color!  We were surrounded by Gwen’s fabulous quilts, quilt studies and sketches; drawing inspiration for our pieces-



Here’s a bit of mom’s work-



She behaved… most of the time.  I only caught her ‘working’ a handful of times- yes that’s her- laptop open answering emails in the middle of class… I had to have a ‘talk’ with her about being a good student…



Here’s one of my pieces-



I really wish I would have taken photos of the school, our little houses and the classroom- especially the large cookie jar that was always packed with homemade chocolate chip cookies!  Little ‘fairies’ seemed to make sure it was continually full… fabulous.  Windows surrounded the classroom so you could see the prairie- I caught a glimpse of a brown bear one day, which was magnificent!  By the time I ran outside he had vanished into the woods.  To say the staff was kind would be an understatement.  They took amazing care of us but also left us alone to create, giving us free range of the school 24/7. Nothing was locked and nothing was ‘planned’- no after class activities which I found to be a breath of fresh air and quite amazing.  Instead of feeling run down from a retreat I came back feeling a bit rested.

I am lucky enough to be going back to MISA in September- this time to help my mom with her class.  I will make a point of  documenting my amazing (second) stay with pictures that I can share  with you.

I am a bit behind on our web update for July, but am hoping to have it up in the morning.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend,

Kelly xx



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  1. Liz McMahon says:

    How lovely that you got to do this with your Mum, happy 4th to you, Sue and all your family Kelly…

  2. Marybeth Tawfik says:

    ‘Twas a magical week, and you were a fabulous student yourself!

    I have tons of pics of the school and surrounds, drop me a note if you’d like copies!

    Great meeting you, and your mum, and working with you both …

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