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Chozaemon Yokota founded Daruma & Yokota companies in 1901 built firmly on the belief that, “Price is always changing, but quality is timeless”. At that time thread quality was poor & not easy for customers to use, therefore, Daruma threads quickly gained popularity. Yokota marked his excellent quality product with the symbol of a round Japanese doll known as a Daruma, chosen for its ability to "fall down seven times but get up eight." This idiom implies that success will be achieved with persistence. The logo was well received by the public, and word quickly spread that, "Daruma thread can be trusted." Eventually, Daruma sewing thread could be found in the sewing box of any home.
Although times & threads have changed, one thing is certain... Daruma’s quality has never wavered.

Sashiko Thin:

Sashiko Thick:
Notions: Little House Thimbles: Tortoise Shell, Palm

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