Sawyer Notion and Pencil Roll

Sawyer Notion and Pencil Roll

Sawyer Notion + Pencil Roll


Store and carry scissors, chalk pencils, Micron pens, bead crochet hooks, and rulers. The fold-over flap with coordinating lining and twill tie keep the contents secure. Contrast is made between dark denim and ticking stripe.

Decorate and personalize your pencil roll sashiko style, check out the pictures below for ideas and thread suggestions!

Each Pencil Roll comes with a free sketch book. Y

100% cotton
Size: 15.5" x 16"

Flower Play Pattern + Template
Size #3 EZM08
Size #3 EZM34
Sashiko Needles

Intersecting Lines:
Size #5 EZM78
Size #5 EZM18
Size #3 EZM20
Sashiko Thread #10
Sashiko Thread #72
Sashiko Needles

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