Conservatory, Chapter 2: Portraits Complete Fabric Collection

Conservatory, Chapter 2: Portraits Complete Fabric Collection

Chapter 2: Portraits
Complete Fabric Collection

Original Price: $130

Anna Maria gathers artists from diverse corners of the creative community, together, to form Conservatory. Each artists unique designs are showcased as individual fabric lines, but carefully designed, so all collections work together as one. Chapter 2: Portraits, features Anna Maria Horner + her collection Second Nature, Nathalie Lete + her collection Souvenir and Courtney Cerruti + her collection Long Distance. Each collection is available in 3 colorways:
Breeze, loveletter + Reflection, and each colorway contains prints form each artist. This carefully curated collection provides the maker with endless opportunites.

Conservatory, Chapter 2: Portraits, Complete Fabric Collection is available as 45 fat 1/4, 1/2 yard or yard cuts + free Portraits, Second Nature, Souvenir + Long Distance quilt patterns.