Eleganza Limited Edition Fall 2016

Eleganza Limited Edition Fall 2016

Sue Spargo

Eleganza Limited Edition

Fall 2016

Pack includes five spools of Eleganza Perle cotton - limited run - available while supplies last

From left to right:

#8 Sheepskin Coat
vanilla, buttercream, butterscotch with a splash of persian blue

#5 Pumpkin Spice Latte
honey, carrot, canary, squash

#8 Bosc Pear
olive, sage, chartreuse, mocha

#5 Bonfire
cardinal, merlot, beetroot with a pop of scarlet

#3 Cabbage Patch
boysenberry, grape, peacock, mediterranean

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Eleganza size 8: Chenille #24 (CloverTulip), Milliners #3 (preferred), Milliners #1 
Eleganza size 5: Chenille #24 (CloverTulip), Milliners #1 
Eleganza size 3: Chenille #18 (CloverTulip), Milliners #15

*Wholesale, minimum order of 3*