In Full Bloom Kit

In Full Bloom Kit

In Full Bloom Kit


The 'In Full Bloom' Story...

'When I began to think about the design for the 2014 Block of the Month, animals were the uppermost images that kept coming into my mind. I began to sketch ideas based on an animal theme. For whatever reason, the overall design of the quilt just did not come together. Instead I found myself thinking about the many birds that I encourage to come into my yard to feed and as a natural extension of those thoughts, the many flowers that are a part of their natural habitat. Gradually, In Full Bloom came together with a large vase of cut flowers as the dominant theme. I hope you will, as you sew your quilt, enjoy a sense of being immersed in the joy that comes from a beautiful garden full of flowers and the movement and song of many birds.'



In Full Bloom Kit: $450 
Kit includes: Hand dyed Wools and Velvets, Linen, Silk, Cotton Fabric, Ribbons, Thangles, Hexagons, Backing, Binding and Label. 

(Pattern, Stitchery Instruction, Batting, Applique and Embellishment threads not included)

In Full Bloom Book: $28 (required for pattern)

Creative Stitching Book: $32 (required for embellishing stitch instruction)

Ellana Wool Thread Pack: $73.50
(21 spools to match hand dyed wools; for applique)
Color numbers: EN41, EN21, EN45, EN12, EN60, EN59, EN24, EN49, EN06, EN25, EN57, EN07, EN37, EN46, EN40, EN33, EN27, EN13, EN10, EN17, EN39

Efina Cotton Thread Pack: $56.00
(16 spools to match hand dyed velvet, cotton fabrics, linen, silks; for applique)
Color numbers: EF02, EF32, EF03, EF36, EF47, EF14, EF37, EF56, EF48, EF21, EF19, EF07, EF10, EF08, EF25, EF11

Eleganza, Razzle, Dazzle Thread Pack: $70
(required for embellishment stitches)

Color numbers:
Eleganza #8 EZ01, 13, 14, 26, 31; EZM01, 09, 21, 26, 30, 51

Razzle: RZ2142, 5107
Dazzle: DZ1106, 3119 
Wholesale 5 Spools of 15 Colors

Embellishment Thread Pack: $74
(required for embellishment stitches)
Pack includes: Soft Cotton, Perle Cotton #3 and #5,
Silken Pearl, Sea Grass, 4mm Silk Ribbon, Seed Beads,
24wt Silk Thread, Buttons
Wholesale Minimum of 3

Optional Additions:

Circle Template
Wool Punches sizes 1/2", 3/4" and 1"
Creative Texturing Needle Pack
Applique Pins
BOHIN Glue Stick Pen
Extra Fine Chalk Pencil 3-in-1
Thread Heaven

UHU Glue Stick
Needle Threader
Finger Cots - Medium or Large
6-1/2" Kai Scissors
Thread Guards

Embroidery Thread Winders

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