Bird Dance Kit

Bird Dance Kit

Bird Dance
FINISHED QUILT SIZE: 37-1/2" X 43-1/2"
The 'Bird Dance' Story... 

 'In May of 2012, after teaching in Orvieto in Umbria, I met my parents in Rome and we flew to Sicily.  We enjoyed ten days touring that wonderful island and stayed at Agriturismos, farms that also accommodate visitors.
The last Agriturismo we stayed at was an old olive farm called Fattoria Mose near the town of Agrigento.  Every morning we climbed to the top floor of the building for breakfast.  The buffet was spread out on large tables and I quickly noticed that the floor, which was quite extensive, was tiled with antique tiles.  Interspersed among plain tiles were tiles depicting many species of birds.  The birds had been hand-painted and had a distinctly folk-art appearance.
Those birds on that Sicilian floor became the inspiration for 'Bird Dance'. 
As you sew your quilt I hope, like me, you experience a joyous sense of gratitude for all the delightful birds that enrich our lives.' 




Bird Dance Kit: $450.00
Kit includes: Hand-dyed Wools and Velvet, Cotton fabrics, Linen, Ribbons, Backing, Binding and Label 
(Pattern, Stitchery Instruction, Batting, Applique and Embellishment threads not included)

Bird Dance Book: $28.00 (required for pattern)

Creative Stitching Book: $32.00 (required for embellishing stitch instruction)

Ellana Wool Thread Pack: $91
(26 spools to match hand-dyed applique wools)
Color numbers: EN41, EN42, EN21, EN51, EN44, EN55, EN12, EN59, EN24, EN54, EN49, EN06, EN57, EN07, EN37, EN58, EN46, EN33, EN47, EN53, EN22, EN10, EN17, EN38, EN39, EN43

Efina Cotton Thread Pack: $63 
(18 spools to match hand-dyed velvet and cotton fabrics)
Color numbers: EF01, EF13, EF22, EF03, EF54, EF23, EF47, EF08, EF20, EF58, EF29, EF46, EF37, EF10, EF50, EF02, EF27, EF59

ELEGANZA Thread Pack: $62.00 
(Required for embellishing stitches)
Color numbers: EZ04, EZ14, EZ19, EZ23, EZM03 X2, EZM11, EZM19, EZM23, EZM26, EZM28, EZM30



Embellishment Thread Pack: $70.00 
(Required for embellishing stitches)
Pack includes: Hand-dyed Silken Pearl and Sea Grass, Dazzle, Razzle, Buttons 

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