Toned-Down Circle Sampler Kit

Toned-Down Circle Sampler Kit

Toned-Down Circle Sampler
Size: approx. 17" x 15-1/2"

Join Sue and your community of makers, on Instagram, as we hunker at home and find comfort with needle and thread. The Toned-Down Circle Sampler is a monochromatic study with a modern pop that we will use to explore the application of embroidery to achieve textural depth and dimension utilizing Perle Cottons #8, 5, 3, Razzle & Dazzle, daily, for 90 days.

The study will begin Monday, March 30. Each day a photo of the stitch, a stitch diagram and threads used will be posted on our Instagram (and Facebook) feed. Please note, these will be the only places that the diagrams may be obtained. Join us and fellow stitchers by following the hashtag #InstaStitchWithSue, plus, share your stitches using the same hashtag. Lets share, learn and support our special stitching community with mindful Creative Stitching. 

Kit includes: hand or mill dyed wool for background and circles
Print the placement diagram + getting started directions: HERE


Creative Stitching Book

Optional Additions:

Ellana Wool Applique Thread Pack Includes: EN01, 02, 03, 04, 10, 15, 28, 29, 37

Embellishment Thread Pack Includes:
#8 EZ: 0619, 38, 39
#8 EZM: 03, 33, 5276, 7981, 87, 91
#5 EZ: 31, 37
#5 EZM: 22, 80, 89, 90
#3 EZM: 106
DZ: 1123, 4120 

Due to availability, please note the best comparable thread substitutions have been made:

#8EZ39 for EZ40
#8EZM79 for EZM75
#8EZ06 for EZM78
#8EZM33 for EZM102
#8EZM52 for EZM108

DZ4120 for DZ2124

1" Wool Punch + Board

Small Circle Template + Heavy Duty Freezer Paper + Kai 5-1/2" Scissors

#24 Chenille: TULIP or Gold Eye
#18 Chenille: TULIP or Gold Eye
Milliner #3: TULIP or Gold Eye
Milliner #1: TULIP or Gold Eye
Milliner #15: Gold Eye
Tapestry #24
Tapestry #20

Little House Applique Pins: Standard

$ select variety