Forage Collection Fat 1/4 Pack

Forage Collection Fat 1/4 Pack

~FORAGE by Anna Graham

Anna Graham's love of nature comes through really beautifully in this line of Essex Yarn Dyed fabric. The colors and prints have an earthy tone with a contemporary feel. As someone who designs bags and clothing, only high quality fabric will do. 

Pack contains twelve fat 1/4 cuts of 55% linen 45% cotton fabric in assorted colors and prints.

"The collection is inspired by where I live. I think it’s hard not to be inspired by nature and my surroundings. Of course I feel that western Wisconsin along the Mississippi River is an amazing place to live and be outdoors – and incredibly inspiring! I snapped a lot of inspiration pictures while hiking and biking along local trails. The Effigy Mounds National Monument is especially significant to me. I remember visiting as a child and then I also began my college education studying Archaeology and Anthropology. It’s fascinating to see how past cultures lived in our area."

-Anna Graham
Forage Designer