African Fabric Fat 1/8 Bundle

African Fabric Fat 1/8 Bundle

African Fabric Bundle
Fat 1/8 Cut

Bundles contain eleven fat 1/8 cuts of assorted African fabrics. Quantities Limited.

Africa has been rich with textiles since the beginning of time. Used to define ones self, African textiles are a major form of expression and a powerful medium of communication. Today you can find these distinct, bold fabrics flourishing throughout Africa as items such as blankets, skirts, tunics, pillows and backdrops. A few examples are outlined below.

Mudcloth - handwoven cotton, hand painted with mud, clay and tea. Each symbol and color holds meaning.

Traditional African Wax Prints - elaborately patterned handmade textiles created by applying wax to cloth, then dyeing. Results can be bold, repetitive patterns or intricate motifs set against backgrounds of varying hues.

Shweshwe - today, these prints are produced using the traditional block and discharge printing style. The fabrics are passed under copper rollers, which have intricate designs etched on the surface. For the purpose fo printing the fabrics are starched, giving them their characteristic stiffness. These fabrics requires pre-washing, due to the method of printing, but once washed, the stiffness disappears, leaving behind an incredibly soft cotton fabric.