Fresh Cut Sewing Box Kit

Fresh Cut Sewing Box Kit

S|{Fresh Cut Sewing Box Kit{|S

Block Size: 8-1/2in × 8-3/4in
Bag Size: 9.5in × 9.5in × 6.5in

Fresh Cut Sewing Box Kit $28

Kit includes:

  • Hand-dyed wools for background and applique
  • Cotton fabrics for applique and block overlay
  • Ribbons, binding, and buttons
  • Soft and Stable
  • Velcro

(Please note the following are NOT included: Custom Black Yazzii Deluxe Double Organizer, Pattern (available in Fresh cut book), Stitchery Instruction (available in Creative Stitching book), Applique and Embellishment threads) *Ribbons may be substituted due to availability* 

Sold Separately:
Exclusive Black Deluxe Double Organizer $80.00
(To purchase: select in the drop-down box below)
Approx. Dimensions:
Size Closed – 9.5 X 9.5 X 6.5 inches
This organizer is conveniently divided into 2 sections. The upper section has 2 see-through pockets and a large storage area for bigger items such as scissors, fabrics, patterns and books. The lower section has 8 pockets (6 are see-through) to safely secure all your project items in one place.
This exclusive design excludes the original handle to accomodate the design.
Fresh Cut Book (Required for pattern)
Creative Stitching 2nd Edition (Required for stitchery Instruction)
Ellana Wool Thread Pack  $17.50
(5 spools to match hand-dyed wool applique)
Color Numbers:
EN07, EN09, EN20, EN37, EN49
Efina Cotton Thread Pack  $17.50
(5 spools to match cotton fabric applique)
Color Numbers:
EF08, EF10, EF12, EF30, EF43
Eleganza Thread Pack $26.50
(Required for embellishment stitches)
Eleganza #8: EZ34, EZM19, EZM20
Eleganza #5: EZM34
Eleganza #3: EZ10
Optional Additions:
$ select variety