Circle Play Pincushion Kit

Circle Play Pincushion Kit

Circle Play Pincushion Kit
+ Free Pattern
Finished Size: 4" x 5"

Featured in the September 2019 issue off Needle Arts magazine, Sue's Circle Play Pincushion is now available as a kit! The bright design of this pincushion is achieved through layering of velvet and wool, as well as colorful embellishing with embroidery stitches. The Circle Play pincushion is sure to bring a vibrant pop of happiness to your sewing space! 

Kit includes: mill dyed wool for background, backing, and applique, hand dyed velvet, button, cotton lining, and free pattern and stitch diagram. 
Please note the following are not included: embroidery stitch instruction (Creative Stitching is needed), applique and embellishment threads, needles.

Optional Additions:

Creative Stitching Book

#24 Chenille: TULIP ∙ Gold Eye ∙ Clover
#11 Short Darner
 ∙ #11 Straw
#3 Milliners: 
TULIP ∙ Gold Eye

Ellana Wool Applique Thread Pack Includes #: EN23, 24, 26, 35, 37, 39, 47

Efina Cotton Applique Thread Pack Includes #: EF33, 37, 47

Eleganza Embellishment Thread Pack Includes: #8 EZ21, 23, 26, and EZM30, 33 

Small Circle Template 

Freezer Paper 

Kai 5-1/2" Japanese Scissors

Applique Pins

Ground Walnut Shells for filling: Unscented ∙ Lavender

$ select variety