Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Mosaic

Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Mosaic

Cypress Pencil
with Small Flower Mosaic

A cypress pencil made of thinned wood that is kind to the hands, with the scent of cypress floating every time you sharpen. The pencils are decorated with delicate parquet florets.

The scent of cypress is said to have a relaxing effect, and is also said to have deodorant and humidity controlling effects. Each pencil includes a bag to put the pencil "shavings", so that you can enjoy the cypress scent even after shaving, as well as a cap made of genuine leather, making it convenient to carry.

The soft and comfortable pencil core is a soft 2B that is perfect for drawing and sketching.

All Cohana products are handmade in Japan and packaged beautifully!

Made in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, which is the northern limit of the natural area of ​​Japanese cypress.
Takashi Iwaki chopsticks founded in 2010 as a "split chopsticks manufacturing industry" that promotes forest regeneration by utilizing thinned wood. Manufactured in a refurbished a wooden elementary school, which was closed in 2014 due to the danger of collapse due to the earthquake, using Cypress grown in the harsh environment.

A little luxury pencil, a gem that you want to give to your loved ones.

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