Wooly Felted Ironing Board Cover

Wooly Felted Ironing Board Cover

~Wooly Felted Ironing Board Cover

Use this 100% Wool Ironing Board Cover to get the best pressing results possible! Use the enclosed hardware and elastic to securely wrap the Wooly Felted Ironing Board Cover around your standard ironing board. Have a large flat surface such as a Big Board? Just pin the cover to it using Glass Head Pins.

Sizes Available:

Standard Ironing Board Cover:  20" × 54"
Big Board Cover:                       24" × 60"

Ideal for quilters, machine and hand appliquers, knitters, garment makers and sewists--ALL fiber artists! Make life easier when it comes to steaming blocks, machine/hand embroidery, and knitting projects. Pressing blocks and quilts will be a breeze.

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