Eco Printed Fabric Packs

Eco Printed Fabric Packs

Fabric Pack
~ Eco Prints

These unique prints are created by Mary DeLano, a fiber artist who lives near the mountains in Maine. Mary makes eco prints by treating natural fabric (mordanting) so that plant pigments will bind to it. She then arranges plants on the fabric, rolls and binds the fabric, and steams it. Lots of playful experimentation has helped her learn which plants yield the best results. 

Mary mixes eco prints and naturally dyed fabrics with embroidery to create nature inspired pieces. Mary also loves wool applique and making hand sewn wool rugs. Mary shares her love of fiber with students throughout New England where she teaches eco printing, embroidery, and rug making. You can see her work at and can reach her at

Packs include five pieces of hand picked silk, linen and cotton fabrics that vary in size from 8" x 5-1/2" to 9" x 6-1/2". Each pack will differ. Quantities limited.