Snow Light, Magnetic Spool

Snow Light, Magnetic Spool

Snow Light
Magnetic Spool and Marking Pins

Limited Edition

This magnetic spool with marking pins, inspired by the lights of the snow, is made by Cohana in collaboration with Ishimaru Togei, a company that was founded in 1948 with a pottery workshop in Hasami. The beautiful spool has an exquisite glaze that brings out its simple texture and quality, both unique to ceramics fired in low temperatures. The magnet is built into the spool so that it can be used as a magnetic pin cushion or clip holder. Included are beautiful glass head marking pins, in classic holiday tones.


All Cohana products are handmade and beautifully packaged! 

  • Magnetic Spool: 35mm diameter, 46mm tall

  • Pins: 37mm long, 0.5mm thick