Reliable Maven Home Iron Station

Reliable Maven Home Iron Station

Reliable Maven
Home Iron Station

The Maven 120IS is the ultimate home ironing station that delivers professional quality results. An impressive 1L tank and features such as a pro detail tip, 6 bar pump pressure, and ergonomic design make it one of the best home ironing stations available.


  • Use distilled or tap water with the Maven 120IS - the water filter will take care of harsh water!
  • Ceramic Soleplate - provides heat distribution and maximum steam penetration for a smooth ironing experience
  • Next Level Ironing - perfect for a busy, modern life: easy to use and store and full of features that save you time and effort!
  • Made from high quality materials and designed to be the ultimate ironing station.
  • 1 L TANK - The removable tank holds an impressive 1L of water, allowing for longer periods of steaming. It can also be re-filled mid-ironing, eliminating the need to stop to refill.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY - With 4 easy to navigate steam and temperature settings, the Maven is easy to control and navigate.
  • BRAIDED CORD - The fabric covered 96" cord of the Maven doesn't get hot quickly and allows for long periods of ironing.
  • HEAVY DUTY USE - The Maven can be used for long periods of time - ideal for a busy household that require large volume ironing.
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF - This safety feature ensures the Maven is turned off automatically after 10 minutes, giving you peace of mind should you forget to turn it off.
  • PRO DETAIL TIP - This awesome feature allows you to iron hard to reach small spaces, like the areas between buttons.

    6 Bar - 87 PSI Pump Pressure
    Electronic Auto Steam Control
    Max Continuous Steam 100g
    Ceramic Soleplate
    Iron Lock for Easy Carry
    Replaceable Anti-scale Cartridge System
    ECO function
    Self-clean Function for Iron Unit
    Self-clean Indicator
    10 Mins Auto Shut Off
    Steam Hose Length 66 inch
    Cord length 96 inch