Homegrown Quilt Kit

Homegrown Quilt Kit

Homegrown Quilt Kit

The Homegrown Story
Finished Size: 45-1/2" x 45-1/2"

As the saying goes, "Home is where the Heart is"... from cottages to casistas, from mud houses to log cabins, homes from across the globe gather together in Homegrown. Built around our town square, Homegrown is a multi-layered quilt using hand dyed wools and textural fabrics.
Homes may be pieced or layered, then enchanced with embroidery in a vast array of fibers differing in type and weight. As with all towns, expect the unexpected... mystery stitched random elements will appear throughout the quilt.

Homegrown Kit $475
Includes: Hand-Dyed Wool for background, borders, and applique, cotton fabrics and velvet for applique, ribbons, buttons, hexagon papers, binding, backing, and label.
(Pattern, Stitch Instructions, Batting, Applique and Embellishment Threads not included)

*Please note: Kit and Book sales are final*

Sold Separately:

Homegrown Book: $32 (Required for pattern)

Creative Stitching Book: $32 (Required for embellishing stitch instructions)

Ellana Wool Applique Thread Pack $98
(28 spools to match hand-dyed wool applique)
Color Numbers:
EN03, EN08, EN09, EN10, EN11, EN12, EN13, EN14, EN18, EN20, EN21, EN22, EN23, EN25, EN28, EN31, EN34, EN37, EN39, EN41, EN43, EN46, EN47, EN49, EN50, EN52, EN57, EN59

Efina Cotton Applique Thread Pack $87.50
(25 spools to match cotton fabrics and hand-dyed velvet)
Color Numbers:
EF01, EF07, EF08, EF10, EF11, EF14, EF20, EF22, EF23, EF30, EF32, EF34, EF35, EF36, EF37,
EF39, EF41, EF43, EF46, EF49, EF50, EF51, EF53, EF56, EF59

Eleganza, Razzle, and Dazzle Embellishment Thread Pack $159.50
(Required for embellishment stitches)
Eleganza #8:
EZ06, EZ13, EZ15, EZ22, EZ23, EZ61, EZM01, EZM14, EZM31, EZM32, EZM36, EZM40,
EZM75, EZM84, EZM96, EZM102, EZM103
Eleganza #5:
EZM08, EZM20, EZM32, EZM34, EZM39, EZM79, EZM85, EZM95
Eleganza #3:
EZM11, EZM14, EZM43

Embellishment Thread Pack $29.25
(Required for embellishment stitches)
3.5mm Treenway Silk Ribbon - Hosta Garden
Painter's Pearl Cotton #3 - Gabriele
Dala Pearl Cotton #5 - Hot African Sun
Petite Very Velvet - Dark Fuchsia

Optional Additions:

Halo 8D Table Magnifier Lamp
Daylite Wafer Lightbox 1, 2, OR 3
Thread Magic
Glue Stick: UHU OR BOHIN
1/4" Bias Tape Maker
Freezer Paper
Heavy Duty Freezer Paper
Perfect Circles
4" Straight Kai Scissors
5-1/2" Kai Scissors
Applique Pins: TULIP or Clover
Fabric Folding Pen
Dovo Tweezers
Flatter - Smoothing Spray
Easy Needle Threader
Sewline Trio Chalk Pencil
Chalk Pencil Refills
Circle Template - Small
Circle Template - Large
Wool Punch Set
Omnigrid Ruler 1" x 6"
50 WT Cotton Thread - Konfetti
Strip Stick
Throw Size Batting - Dream Wool (PREFERRED) or Dream Cotton
Pigma Pen (to personalize label)

Creative Stitching Needle Pack OR:
#11 Short Darner #11 Straw
#24 Chenille: TULIP Gold Eye Clover
#18 Chenille: TULIPGold Eye Clover
#3 Milliners: TULIPGold Eye
#1 Milliners: TULIPGold Eye Bullion Knot
#15 Milliners: Gold Eye
#9 Short Darner
Tapestry Needles: Gold Eye #24 and #20 Tulip Assorted Tapestry Needles

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