SOLD OUT- Inspirations Magazine Issue 102

SOLD OUT- Inspirations Magazine Issue 102


Inspirations Magazine
Issue 102
Living Colour
Featuring: Sue Spargo
Pattern: 'Twitter' Indigo Pillow

In this issue we take time to pause and give our attention to some of the small creatures that share our planet.

There are beautiful details to be seen in this issue, and an unlimited variety of ways to represent them in stitch. We feature the warm, colorful textures of Sue Spargo’s appliqué, the delicacy of monochromatic embroidery on tulle, and contrast the vibrant colors of stumpwork butterflies with subtle shades in surface embroidery, while exploring the stitching vision of three new contributors.

Quantities limited. Thank you for supporting the artist directly!

'Inspirations Issue 102' features the following projects:

Twitter by Sue Spargo
Cheerful cushion with bright, appliquéd birds embellished with a great range of embroidery stitches.

Small World by Rose Andreeva
A dimensional snail approaches a strawberry plant in this miniature garden scene.

Crewel Whimsy by Ana Mallah
Journal cover with gorgeous crewel flower design in two colourways.

Bellissimo by Paola Matteucci
Beautiful cushion topper in Italian tulle embroidery with flowing design of roses and leaves.

Lepidoptera by Fiona Hibbett
Stunning panel of nine stumpwork butterflies.

Gypsy by Deborah Love
Eight-sided tablecloth worked in textural Mountemellick embroidery with flower sprays surroundingflowing vines, edged with a knitted fringe.

Going Nuts by Rose Nordenberg
Delightful threadpainted chipmunk with food for the winter store.

Flights of Fancy by Nina Burnsides
Two exquisite designs of stumpwork butterflies delicately resting on head and hands in contrastingline embroidery.


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