Fresh Cut Quilt Kit

Fresh Cut Quilt Kit

Fresh Cut Quilt Kit

Finished Quilt Size: 49" x 49"

The Fresh Cut Story

2017 was a year to celebrate: marking the last phase of my breast cancer treatment, a road to recovery and my 13th Block of the Month (BOM) program. I couldn’t think of anything more fitting than to be surrounded by all the things I love - hand dyed wools, bright bold colors, embroidery threads, vases brimming with flowers, and to mark the 13th year… 

black background… 

The complete kit will allow anyone to join in this journey of creative embroidery where you will create interest in each block by piecing or layering these backgrounds with fabrics and stitchery. Your garden of vases will be filled with flowers, leaves and berries appliquéd in a multitude of mediums, then enhanced with embroidery in a vast array of fibers differing in type and weight. Select vases will include optional advanced stitchery to enhance each garden and challenge you creatively. It is my hope that this project will brighten your days as it has done for me and leave you with a truly stunning work of art.

Fresh Cut Kit: $650
Kit includes: Hand-dyed wools for backgrounds, borders and applique, velvet and presto sheer, cotton fabrics for applique, block and border overlay, ribbons, backing, binding and label 
(Pattern, Stitchery Instruction, Batting, Applique and Embellishment threads not included) 
*Please note: kit and book sales are final*

Sold Separately:

Fresh Cut Book: $32.00 (Required for pattern)

Creative Stitching Book: $32.00 (Required for embellishing stitch instruction)

Ellana Wool Applique Thread Pack $140.00
(40 spools to match applique hand-dyed wools)
Color Numbers: 
EN07, EN08, EN09, EN10, EN11, EN12, EN13, EN14, EN16, EN17, EN18, EN19, EN20, EN21, EN22, EN23, EN24, EN25, EN31, EN33, EN34, EN35, EN36, EN37, EN39, EN40, EN41, EN42, EN43, EN46, EN47, EN48, EN49, EN53, EN54, EN56, EN57, EN58, EN59, EN60

Efina Cotton Applique Thread Pack $84.00
(24 spools to match hand-dyed velvet and cotton fabrics)
Color Numbers:
EF02, EF04, EF06, EF08, EF10, EF11, EF12, EF14, EF16, EF17, EF18, EF19, EF20, EF25, EF30, EF34, EF35, EF36, EF41, EF43, EF47, EF49, EF54, EF58

Eleganza, Razzle and Dazzle Embellishment Thread Pack $146.50
(Required for embellishment stitches)
pink text indicates substitution for Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) color which is no longer available)
Eleganza #8:
EZ04, EZ51, EZM04, EZM12, EZM14, EZM19, EZM25, EZM36, EZM81, EZM95, EZM85
Eleganza #5:
EZ06, EZ11, EZ52, EZM31, EZM82, EZM87, EZM93, EZM97, EZM84, EZM102
Eleganza #3:
EZ30, EZM07, EZM13, EZM26
RZ3130, RZM03

Embellishment Thread Pack $36.00
(Required for embellishment stitches)
Painter's Thread #3 - Grandma Moses
The Thread Gatherer 4mm Silk Ribbon - Pond Scum
The Thread Gatherer Silken Pearl - Tuscan Sun
Painter's Thread Soft Cotton - Rousseau
Petite Very Velvet - Lite Green 
Gold Rush #14 - Purple

Optional Additions

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