Folk-tails Workbox Kit

Folk-tails Workbox Kit

Folk-tails Workbox Kit
Size Closed: 10.8" x 13.3" x 3.5"

The Crafter's Companion is a Sue Spargo favorite! With so many storage options you can easily keep multiple projects well organized having all the needed threads, needles and notions close at hand! Adorn your companion with the adorable bonus Elephant pattern found in Sue's Folk-tails book!

Folk-tails Workbox Kit: $32.00
Kit includes: Hand-dyed wools for background and applique, Velvet and Presto sheer, Cotton fabrics for applique and block overlay, Ribbons, Binding and Buttons
(Please note the following are NOT included: Crafter's Companion, Pattern (available in Folk-tails book), Stitchery Instruction (available in Creative Stitching book), Applique and Embellishment threads) 
Ribbons may be substituted due to availability*

Choose your Crafter's Companion! $110.00
Colors available: Black, Green and NEW Teal!

Folk-tails Book: $32.00
(required for pattern)

Creative Stitching Book: $32.00 (required for embellishing stitch instruction)

Ellana Wool Thread Pack: $35.00
(10 spools to match hand-dyed applique wools) 
Color numbers: EN51, EN49, EN37, EN40, EN10, EN17, EN08, EN06, EN50, EN46

Efina Cotton Thread Pack: $24.50
(7 spools to match hand-dyed velvet and cotton fabrics) 
Color numbers: EF10, EF49, EF37, EF50, EF59, EF12, EF17

Eleganza Embellishment Thread Pack: $38.50
(Required for embellishing stitches)
Eleganza #8: EZ10, 21, 30, EZM01, 08, 21, 30, 35

Optional Additions:

Have cotton applique threads ready to go by needling them through to the front of the bag! Keeps spools neat, tidy and well organized.



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