Extra Fine Chalk Pencil 3-in-1

Extra Fine Chalk Pencil 3-in-1


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Extra Fine 3-in-1
Chalk Pencil

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3 leads in one pencil!  Another fabulous product from Bohin, the 3-in-1 extra fine marking pencil!  Have 3 different colors at your fingertips at all times with one quick twist of the pencil!

  • Extra fine lead make marking on fabric and wool a breeze
  • Ceramic colored leads are extra strong
  • Pencil comes with three 0.9mm leads: Dark Grey, Pink and White
  • Marks are long lasting
  • Water soluble; easily wash out or erase
  • Eraser included on the top of the pencil
  •  Refills available: White, Green, Yellow, Dark Grey, Pink 

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