Cohana, Shigaraki Magnetic Button

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Shigaraki ware pottery with a button motif, made by Meizan Gama, a ceramics manufacturer founded in 1622 in Koka, Shiga Prefecture.  Shigaraki ware is distinguished by its earthy charm, which conveys a sense of simplicity and robustness.  Its profoundly fascinating look has a connection with the spirit of “wabi-sabi”; the beauty of natural imperfection.

The skilled crafts people at Meizan Gama put great care into the application of the glaze and their choice of kiln firing methods. You can feel the warmth of both the earth and humanity emanate from within these small buttons.

Magnets are inserted in the buttons, allowing you to use these items as small pin cushions when you need to set your needle down. They can also be paperclip holders or even enjoyed as decorative interior ornaments that add color to your living space. 

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