About Us.

Seeded in 2002, Sue Spargo Folk-art Quilts, Inc. began to sprout, grew and then flourished in the basement of Sue’s home. It was here where she embarked on her journey of dimensional layering and embroidery and introduced the world to wools saturated in bright colors, multi-medium layering and embroidery which resulted in textural depth and dimension never before seen. Her home is where she introduced to the world the thought of a Block of the Month program, once, when these were unheard of. Bursting out of the basement, in 2012, the business relocated to a 2000 sqft office space where it was quickly realized there was a need for something quite a bit larger. Designing and planning began, and in 2015, the business relocated to a 5000 sqft space which included a custom dye room, several offices, large shipping area and large warehouse. In, 2018 walls came down again, expanding the space to 12,000 sqft for lending additional warehouse space, offices, a state of the art classroom, a large creative area and retail shop. A trend of every 3 years has been noted… what will 2021 bring???

Sue is the driving force behind the Sue Spargo brand, though her intensely humble nature makes this tough to spot. She is an extreme lover of life, a
survivor, a giver, a mother of four children, an author, an international teacher and designer. Sue’s passion is teaching, and her schedule clearly reflects that. She maintains an extensive teaching schedule while designing her Block of the Month program and other projects on the road.



Mary has been the powerhouse behind Sue’s Block of the Month program since 2011. Coordinating the profiles, billing, product add-ons and packaging of over a thousand customers on the program are just a handful tasks that this incredible lady performs. When she has a moment to pause, Mary loves to spend time with her grandson and family, take a wander through her garden and bake.


Kelly is Sue’s eldest daughter, and has worked for the business since 2012. Kelly oversees the daily operations at the office, new product research along with the wholesale and retail websites. Kelly dye’s our line of #5 Pearl Cotton thread, Dala and is mom too little miss sweet n’ sassy studio dog, Amari. When Kelly’s world is not revolving around Amari, she loves to be in her garden and knit.


Jason is the hot shot behind our bright saturated hand dyed wool and velvet color palette. He is Sue’s son and has been with the business since 2013. Jason manages the dye studio, production, publishing, shipping and receiving. He is dad to little love bug, studio dog Laika, who his life too, revolves around. On his lazy days he enjoys cooking and tending to his bonsai trees.

 Since 2015, Aimee, Sue’s youngest daughter, has worked for the business. She is the CFO, Social Media guru, manages our retail shop, Sue’s schedule and the many, many responsibilities that fall under the ‘front of house’… Aimee and her team make the Block of the Month and club programs possible. When Aimee has a breather you will find her cooking something healthy, working out or training for the next marathon.

Kingsley joined us in 2016, and he currently coordinates the front of house team. He leads the cutting of small, large and custom kits, retail Block of the Month, wholesale Block of the Month, wool club, fabric packs, ribbon packs, wool bundles + assembly of all that was just cut plus appliqué thread packs, embellishment thread packs, bead - button - needle - template packs, patterns… the list goes on and on… If Kingsley’s not a work… you will find him at the gym!



Abby came to us through a high school work program in 2014-2015, and we welcomed her back full time in 2017. Her upbeat and creative spirit leads the wholesale Block of the Month program, Stitch Club, Wool Club and email newsletters, along with a portion of the retail Block of the Month program. In her free time, Abby enjoys spending time with family & friends & shopping.



Russell joined our shipping, receiving, orders team in 2018. He manages to single handedly ship over 1200 Block of the Month packages, plus club and online orders. His responsibilities do not end there... he also processes packages and ships all wholesale orders, call in orders, email orders and those that occasionally come by mail. And we cannot forget receiving! In his spare time, Russell lives it up shooting compound bows and cycling.



 Candy joined our front of house team in 2019, bringing with her sass, determination and an abundance of knowledge on customer service and care. Her positive, upbeat spirit and fun, witty personality has been a welcome addition to our team. When she's not spending time in the sun, Candy enjoys quilting, reading and stitching.



 Hailee joined our website team in 2019. Her fiercely independent, astute, creative mind and delightful nature have allowed for a rapid website makeover + more in the works. When she is not hitting the books for her Art Education degree, Hailee enjoys cross stitching, crocheting and spending time with her cats. 



 Anita joined our shipping, receiving, orders team in 2019, bringing experience, hard work and dedication. She sets a fast pace and her attention to detail is something to aspire to. In her free time Anita enjoys sewing, camping and spending time with her family.



 Calah joined the dye room in 2019, toting along her continuous smile and love-of-life attitude. When it comes to the art of dyeing she has a graceful touch, her colors are always vibrant and consistent. When Calah has time to kill she likes to sew, crochet and make soap.