Teaching – Kennebunk, ME and Topfield, MA

July 5th, 2015

I had a fabulous time teaching for Annie’s Tiny Quilt Shop and Camp Wool in Kennebunk, ME. This was followed by the Essex Needlecraft Guild in Topfield, MA. We had many creative days of stitching using all sorts of fibers. I love teaching the Flower Vase class as each piece is so different and creative. It was also wonderful to see student quilts that they shared. The weather was beautiful and the scenery spectacular.

Creative Stitching


The Stitchin’ Post – Sisters OR

June 24th, 2015

I always love returning to Oregon to teach at the Stitchin’ Post. I taught two classes this year. A textural layering class using wool, cotton and linen backgrounds with many students using my peacock image along with a new class in piecing. We had a lot of fun playing with color and fibers. I will be returning to Sisters for Quilters Affair in July. It will be a great celebration as it is the shows 40th anniversary.

Creative Stitching


Our House in Milford TX

June 23rd, 2015

In May I returned to Our House a lovely retreat center owner by mother and daughter team Anne and Angie. I taught two retreats back to back where we embellished ‘Chicks’ with wonderful threads and fibers. Exploring different ways to do stitches and beading. I will be returning after Houston Quilt Market this fall to teach for Angie and Anne for a couple of days. We will be embellishing on previous projects using my new threads which will be introduced at Quilt market.


L’Atelier du Patchwork – Ferrette France

May 12th, 2015

While visiting Switzerland we were invited to the opening of Michele Cohendet’s quilt show in Ferrette France. These are 70 ladies who meet weekly to create handmade quilts. They have been meeting since 1996 and every stitch in each quilt is done by hand. It was an amazing show with French champagne and lovely food. Ferrette is an old town dating back to 1572. The theme of the show as Houses.

It was a pleasure a meet a fellow wool lover Segolene Schweitzer at the show. She had her wonderful wool book on display.

Creative Stitching


Basel, Switzerland

May 11th, 2015

Thanks to Astrid and all the wonderful ladies who made me feel so welcome in Switzerland. It is always fun to stitch with ladies from different nationalities as we all stitch differently. Students travelled from Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Ukraine and Switzerland. I taught two different classes, my Greta Needle Roll and the Chick Sampler.  We used lots of my new #8wt Perle cottons ‘Eleganza’ as well as Razzle and Dazzle.

Creative Stitching


My first day in Basel Switzerland

April 28th, 2015

I arrived in Switzerland early on Monday morning. As I wanted to stay up all day and then get a good nights sleep Astrid the owner of Cotton and Color and I went into the city of Basel. The weather was perfect and we walked and talked and did a little window shopping.  It was lovely to see the old buildings and cobbled streets.

I spent a little time at the store today Tuesday preparing for my classes and visiting with some of the customers. Cotton and Color is a lovely bright store full of color. Astrid had prepared some special little packages for the students in my classes which start tomorrow.

Creative Stitching


Many Months of Teaching

April 25th, 2015

It has been a few hectic months with much travel, moving to a new facility, trying to get into the rhythm of all our commitments for 2015 and our introduction of new threads and books. I am so excited about all the new ventures we have in store for this year. I feel like all the hard work and commitment from all of us here at Sue Spargo Folk-art Quilts is really paying off. Many thanks to everyone involved I could not do it with out you.

Here are some great teaching engagements from past months with wonderful ‘Creative Stitching’ from the students.  I am sharing a visual of my travels. Here goes I hope you enjoy.

Deer Country Quilts – Seeley Lake, Montana

Garden State Quilt Guild – New Jersey

Raintree Quilting – Juneau, Alaska

Empty Spools – Pacific Grove, California

All In Stitches – Zumbrota, Minnesota

York Quilt Guild – Toronto Canada



Prairie Star Quilt Guild – St Charles, Illinois

Honey Run Quilters – Chico, California

Patchwork Garden – East Amherst, New York

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January 9th, 2015

It’s time for you to nominate your favorite instructor’s Craftsy blog!

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Around The World Blog Hop

December 1st, 2014

Thank you Laura for asking me to participate in this Around The World Blog Hop! I met Laura a couple of years ago while we were both teaching at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.


Laura Wasiloski’s  approach to her art has similarities to mind. We both love color and texture.  Learn about her fun approach to design and her layering process which includes hand stitching on her blog and then check out her Craftsy class.

Twelve years ago I was introduced to hand-dyed wool. I have never look back! It became my staple medium for my design process.  What I love about it is the depth and texture it achieves when hand and machine stitched. My other love is Folk and Outsider Art. Having grown up in South Africa the art and vibrant colors of Africa has always been in my heart.

My work is a layering process where I use a wool background and layer my images with many layers of textural fabrics. The first layer would be the wool background, the second layer would be layering up the images until I achieve an appealing look, and the third layer is layering with embellishment stitching using a broad range of textural fibers.

DSCN3723 DSCN3776










Currently I am working on a series of small repetitive designs called ‘Journey Cloths’.  I have gained much insight working through this series.  They has pushed my creativity,  instead of stitching a single image I have had to create multiples using different stitches and techniques. Also using multiple color palettes which all have to work together. It has been a great study in color. I am now working on my 10th pieces.

IMG_2143 Image 28 Butterfly1_Craftsy_650











I have become totally intrigued with the dimension and texture I achieve by embroidering around the edges and the surfaces of appliqué especially using a wool background. It adds great character to the image, as well as, makes them very dimensional and textural.

My first technique book ‘Creative Stitching’ has 50 of my favorite stitches with many illustrations showing the use of stitches around and on appliqué. As well as, an invaluable section of needles and threads. In my second technique book, ‘Creative Texturing’, I documented my design process from start to finish. ‘Creative Texturing’ also includes other elements to add to your work and an updated needle chart and additional embellishment threads. I am a self taught embroiderer these books share all my tricks that I have learnt along the way.

My Craftsy Class ‘Embroidering Texture and Dimension by Hand’ gives you a close up view of many of the stitches and threads I use in my work.

CB_5_350 CB_2_350 CB_3_350 CB_1_350




























My love for traveling has led me on some amazing adventures. To share my love of hand embroidery all over the world. Check out my calendar and keep up with my blog to see where I am next!

IMG_7157 IMG_7333 IMG_7330




















Now I would love you to meet the next three artists in the Around the World Blog Hop. Each are talented friends with unique talents. They are Jen Kingwell,  Kori Tuner Goodhart and Valori Wells Kennedy.

Steam Punk

Jen Kingwell of Jen Kingwell Designs, has been an advocate and at the for front for the revival of hand piecing and quilting. Her love of an eclectic mix of fabrics in every project is highlighted by her recently released range of fabric “Gardenvale” for Moda which will be in stores in April 2015. The quilting world is also eagerly awaiting FW media’s release of Jen’s new book “quilt lovely” in March 2015.


Kori Turner Goodhart, Owner of Olive Grace Studios is a  pattern and design company as well as a little quilt shop.  Kori’s style is somewhere between traditional and modern  with a hint of vintage and whimsy. Most of her designs are  pieced cotton patchworks and hand embroidery! Kori’s goal  is to help people feel as inspired to create as she was and  still  is by the people that she loves.


Val Wells Kennedy is an artist.  She designs textiles, create patterns for quilts, clothing and accessories. She loves to silk  screen and  block print on fabric, adding painting and  embroidery. Her work is all about color and texture.

Have fun exploring all the creativity! Jen, Kori and Val will be posting on December 8th so don’t forget to mark your calendars.

Creative Stitching


2015 Block of the Month ‘Folk-Tails’

October 1st, 2014

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! Sue’s 2015 Block of the Month sign-ups are underway!!! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to participate in next years ‘Folk-Tails’ Block of the Month!! LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE. Sign-ups through the website only!