Ribbon Babies

Several weeks ago I was sitting on the couch petting Zoe and thought to myself, ‘You know, it’s time for the babies to have new necklaces’.  Both have been sporting the same ole’ collars for a few years now, and by golly it was time for a change- time for an upgrade!

In my mind I had a specific ribbon in mind for Zoe’s, so I began searching the web for collars made with mom & Wendy’s ribbon line.  I stumbled across the most adorable shop, appropriately named ‘Poochie Koo‘, which was packed full of fun and stylish collars.  I instantly fell in love with the ‘Pups on Parade‘, featuring mom & Wendy’s ‘Dogs‘ ribbon.  I decided that that one was perfect for Marley and quickly ordered it.  I had my heart set on the ‘Gold Garden Flowers‘ for Zoe, but couldn’t find one anywhere.  I emailed Kari, the owner of ‘Poochie Koo‘, asking if she would be willing to make Zoe a collar with a ribbon that I mailed  her.  To my surprise I quickly had a response from Kari of ‘absolutely, I love doing Special Orders’.  Kari and I exchanged several emails over the next week and I quickly came to realize that Kari, (who works a day job on top of volunteering at an animal shelter, pet photography, and runs her Poochie Koo shop) has an absolute heart of gold!  (You must checkout some of her animal pics HERE !)  Anyone with that type of love and devotion for animals always tugs at my heart…

I was so excited to receive the babies new ‘bling’,( which quickly arrived- despite my ‘special order’)…


both are hemp collars which I absolutely love- they are so much softer than the usual nylon.


The challenge… the babies cooperating and posing for a portrait modeling their new jewels… they can be rather stubborn sometimes, but I finally had a little success.

Zoe modeling her new hemp collar with 'Gold Garden Flowers'

Zoe modeling her new hemp collar with ‘Gold Garden Flowers’


Marley adorned with 'Dogs' on hemp

Marley adorned with ‘Dogs’ on hemp

So- for all of you with four legged babies- is it time for an upgrade?  Pick out a few new jewels at ‘Poochie Koo‘.  Have a specific ribbon in mind?  Pick one out and contact Kari!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!



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