Pearl Cotton Threads

Well, as you know I have not been a very dedicated blogger these last few months…  With the release of our new line of pearl cotton threads comes the explanation.  Over the last several months it feels like every single hour I am not at the office I am at home tangled in threads!  How did this happen you may ask…  Well lets see… I believe I was having a not so fantastic day- perhaps a little frustrated- because I couldn’t get the threads I wanted when I wanted.  Looking back I was probably being a little bratty.  I recall calling my mom who was on the road and saying, ‘that’s it- I’m just going to do it myself’!  So with that I began looking for a perfect base and began experimenting with the colors.  I have had a few massive fails and probably a few minor temper tantrums, but all in all I must say I am pretty proud of myself!  Looking at the whole picture this is actually the perfect addition to the 100% cotton threads we already carry.  We have Valdani size 8, Painter’s Threads which are a size 3, and my threads which are a size 5 (a bit larger than our Valdani).  To set my threads apart I decided that I really needed to focus on one thing that I wished was more readily available but couldn’t really find- short variegations.  Needless to say I now know why that is- dyeing short variegations is not so easy…  However I have accomplished it!  In the beginning of August I released my first 6 colors- Shredded Denim, Mint Mojito, In the Cabana, Hot African Sun, Hip Hop & Pop Rocks and Whined & Dined (yes Whined- not Wined).


Shredded Denim


Mint Mojito


In the Cabana


Hot African Sun


Hip Hop & Pop Rocks


Whined & Dined


Threads Drying


All tied and ready to go!


Outer edge- Bullion Knots in Hip Hop & Pop Rocks

 I am hoping to add a few more colors in September which I will be working on- well- in a few hours!  I hope you all get a chance to try my new threads and enjoy working with them as much as we do!


7 Responses to “Pearl Cotton Threads”

  1. Nancy Noel says:

    I will be ordering some.

  2. Judy Beavers says:

    Are these threads for sale now? Thank you for all the hard work of making us a better product.

  3. Pauline Jones says:

    Kelly, I think that what you’ve accomplished and the fact that you persevered through it all…is amazing! I, for one, am soooo very excited about the new threads. I love the colors and I can’t wait to try them myself. I love that your mom has given me this whole new world of quilting by hand and that you’re such a important part of this Art. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. LIz McMahon says:

    Well done Kelly, the best things come from having to do it yourself because nothing else works….
    Liz xx

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