No More Excuses

I am not even going to make an excuse for where I have been or what I have been doing.  Yesterday my mom returned from teaching at Madeline Island and let me know within minutes of her arrival that many people were ‘disappointed’ at my lack of blogging.  Nothing like a little guilt to get the ball rolling….. so with out a single excuse- let’s take a look at what’s been going on behind the scenes!

Many of our Market goodies have started arriving.  We were completely blown away by the support of our new products over the weekend, especially our new ‘Painter’s Thread‘ line.  We had so many orders this morning that Cathy ended up being a bit of a basket case… literally…

Cathy officially 'losing it'

Cathy officially ‘losing it’

I had to laugh as I saw the boy’s filling a rather large order together.  I guess they needed a bit of support… one pulled the order while the other held the basket…

The boy's

The boy’s

The Painter’s Threads were one of mom’s great finds at Market, and probably our most exciting addition.  They are ‘hand painted’ in Germany using a ‘secret’ technique- each one artistically accented with color.  Throughout the threads are small spots of contrasting colors, some more visible than others.  The Painter’s Threads are not dyed to repeat a set pattern or design, instead they are a multicolored melange of colors, which I think adds to their unique beauty.  The threads truly show their gorgeous melody of color once they are stitched.

Rosette Chain using Painter's Thread- color Cezanne

Rosette Chain using Painter’s Thread- color Cezanne


Bullion Knots using Painter's Thread- color Boucher

Bullion Knots using Painter’s Thread- color Boucher

Every dye lot of every color looks completely different.  Collectors of these threads anticipate the release of a new dye lot in order to add another one of a kind skein to their collection.  And if you have not caught on yet (and I only say that because it took me more than a minute or two)… each color is named after a famous painter!

Van Gogh

Van Gogh


Mary C




A big thank you to all of our customers!  Due to your outpouring support we are always on the lookout for new and unique products!

Be sure to check out our complete line of ‘Painter’s Threads‘!


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  1. Jackie says:

    Poor Kelly…..

    I thought you were traveling with your Mom so was not worried too much but great to have you back. Thanks for the updates on the new threads too! Gorgeous!

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