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Genziana Wool Threads- 12wt- 50% Wool/50% Acrylic Blend- 383 Yard Spools
Produced in Milan, our Genziana Wool Thread is known for its incredibly smooth hand and multitude of uses! The wool provides a rich color palette and soft loft and the acrylic gives the thread unbelievable strength allowing it to be used for hand applique, machine stitching and stitchery embellishment. 
Hand Applique:
Use a #24 Chenille Needle
A slightly looser twist allows our wool threads to gently coat the edge of wool applique, melting into the wool.  The result is an almost invisable whipstitch which creates a smooth clean edge prepared for embellishing.  See our Earthworks Hand-dyed Wool Solids, dyed to match many of our Genziana Wool Threads.  
Machine Applique, Embroidery and Quilting:
Using a #16 Top-stitching needle and cotton thread in the bobbin, our wool threads are strong enough to be used for machine applique, embroidery and quilting.
Hand Embroidery:
Our Genziana Wool Threads add warmth and dimension to decorative stitching and embellishing.

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