Eleganza Limited Edition Winter 2016

Eleganza Limited Edition Winter 2016

- Sue Spargo
  Eleganza Limited Edition
  Winter 2016

Pack includes five spools of Eleganza Perle cotton - brand new colors - limited run - available while supplies last!

From left to right:

#8 Firethorn
mix of lipstick red, crimson, rose, scarlet

#8 Shiny Dancer
silver, slate, stone, with a cast of shadow 

#5 Under the Tree
leaf, moss, pine with a twist of lime

#5 Windburn
pearl blush, frosted tulip, rose, grey iris 

#3 Icicle Tears
crepe, peach sand, blue mist, cloud

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Eleganza size 8: Chenille #24 (TULIPClover), Milliners #3 preferred (TULIP, Gold Eye), Milliners #1 (TULIP, Gold Eye), Bullion Knot Needle
Eleganza size 5: Chenille #24 (CloverTulip), Milliners #1 
Eleganza size 3: Chenille #18 (CloverTulip), Milliners #15

*Wholesale, minimum order of 3* 

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