Handmade Pincushion- SOLD OUT

Handmade Pincushion- SOLD OUT


Handmade Pin Cushions by Sue and Kelly

Sue has made these little pincushions for years to store her small applique pins, keeping them safe, secure and extra sharp.  These extra special pincushions are 100% handmade, 100% hand-dyed and 100% hand embellished. Kelly constructed all of the pincushion bases, hand-dyed the crocheted leaves, flowers and pearl cotton embellishing thread. Sue (yes Sue!) adorned each and every pincushion with a hand-dyed crocheted leaf and flower, embellished drizzle stitches in the center of each flower, topped one with a bead then finished each one off with a hand stamped copper tag.  Each copper tag is hand stamped by Jason which indicates the number of each pincushion in the collection. Each pincushion is unique, all vary in color and size from approx. 2-3" in diameter. Quantities are limited!

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