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Wild Boho

Meet Nichole!

Author, Designer and Owner of Wild Boho.  

Nichole's interest in fiber arts is rooted in a childhood spent dabbling in knitting, crochet, cross stitch and any other craft that involved using hands versus a machine...especially a sewing machine! She comes from a family of quilters; both her grandmother and mother worked at the local fabric store in town and loved to talk about fabric and teach others how to sew and quilt. She spent much of her time there, especially during summers off from school, which instilled in her an early love of fabric and color and pattern. Several years ago, she turned her focus toward embroidery and began creating hoop art that combined her love of fabric, especially modern fabrics and designs, with her love of texture and color. By combining appliqué techniques with the blank canvas of a fabric, she approaches embroidery with a free-spirited style. She shares her creative process @wildboho in the Instagram community. The author of "Boho Embroidery: Modern Projects from Traditional Stitches," she aims to inspire others to learn this handcraft and develop their own love for color and fabric and the joy that comes from creating art with a needle and thread. 

Nichole, a personal thank you for your inspiring creativity and overwhelming support through one of the toughest years of our lives. We wish you nothing but the best.
~Sue, Kelly, Jason & Aimee

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